This, For an unplanned pregnancy, we were certainly surprised when we discovered two little beings on the first ultrasound. They were really insistent on getting him out by a certain time and I looked at the clock and was determined to birth him beforehand so I was on all fours or on my side and I ended up birthing him without intervention after 9 hours of labour. Amanda admits that having twins is full on but of course, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Hypnobirthing Australia are offering Australian Birth Stories listeners 15% off their online courses for a limited time (Thursday the 16th of July 2020- Monday the 20th of July 2020) with the code: Lockdown15. They booked into Mullumbimby Midwifery Program with the intention of having a water birth at the birth centre. To connect with Eliza online: Twingenuity . “I feed on demand now, sleep with them in a king bed, one on each side and basically feed them all night and feed them all day. Simone has two sets of identical twins and she takes us through both her pregnancies and births. The team at Baby Luno are offering Australian Birth Stories Listeners 15% off storewide with the code BIRTH. On the 5. It was lovely but intense, I feel like we got robbed of the quiet newborn stage. “Our home is actually closer to the hospital than the birth centre is so our midwife talked us into the ease of a homebirth. The previous 2 nights I had terrible pain in my lower belly and a total of 4hrs sleep for both nights. Then we went overseas for three weeks by ourselves for a friend's wedding and we kind of got a bit bored of each other so we decided to go again.”. Her labour was incredibly painful due to Banjo lying posterior. But then the placentas! Expecting bad news Simone was shocked to hear that she was, in fact, carrying two healthy babies. The last two months of our pregnancy - our second, and this time with twins - was hectic to say the least, as my husband and I found and bought a house big enough for our new family, moved and cleaned up our apartment with my family's help, bought a big enough car, found a real estate agent and managed to sell our apartment. This week’s sponsor is Baby Luno. This week’s sponsor is Baby Luno. “My friend, Courtney, was talking to me and making me laugh and that brought on contractions. I had missed a period but didn't think much of it since it was still quite new to me and the have odd times. We did all the antenatal classes and all those first time parent things. I was so tired, I was shaking, it had been four hours since they’d broked my waters. If you are expecting two little ones then we hope that you will find our twin birth stories informative and inspirational. I was getting really tired and my OB decided it was best to break my waters again and get contractions going before I was too tired to push. I was laughing and crying at the same time and Andrew was just in shock.”. Consider it a must-listen. However due to the increased risks associated with twins, we decided to opt for a hospital birth.

Still a ton of fluid with E and he was still transverse. Eliza and Ben were thrilled as they had wanted to start a family quickly.

I remember thinking that I only had a few pushes left in me so i gave a really big push and he came flying out and I thought: thank god, I’m done. I did delayed cord clamping again and then I had them both on my chest but I also just wanted to wrap it up so I had the syntocin and delivered the placentas. In the last year however I have been forced to reassess all, This is my birth story: Fifteen with twins. The logistics of what to do between the twins being born hadn’t been discussed and I was doing skin-to-skin with Reggie but passed him to Andrew so I could focus on birthing Herb. She had regular appointments with her OB and by 39weeks she was already 5-6cam dilated so she suggested a stretch and sweep. We had a really good and fun night and decided to sleep together later that night. To hear the challenges of carrying twins and chasing another baby around tune into this weeks episode. “We thought  we’d hang around Lismore for a few nights and I walked and walked, only feeling contractions if I was moving. Covering, labour, calmbirth, “When we were in the ambulance when the midwife warned me that they may want to do a cesarean when we got there. Things took a turn when her baby became distressed and Charlie was delivered by caesarean section. Our good friends Hana and Jeremy (you can listen to Hana’s twin story on episode 138) had just had twin girls and everyone joked that we’d have twins too. “The big boys aren’t good at sharing anything so I’m not sure what we would have done with one baby.”, Topics Include: Posterior, homebirth, growth scans, surprise twins, natural twin birth, twin birth no epidural, Today’s episode of the show is brought to you by Hypnobirthing Australia. “She just went silent, and then she said: look there’s one head and there’s another head, you are having twins! “The midwives had to scoop Percy out of the water and Andrew made sure I was ok. Eliza shares how she fell pregnant for the first time after being with her partner for just three months. I think I’ve always looked back on that time and just been really grateful that it turned out like it did because it could have been quite different.”, Amanda was still breastfeeding Banjo when she fell pregnant with Percy and decided to wean him a few months into the pregnancy. Amanda’s first pregnancy was a welcome surprise when she was 25 and had just moved to the Northern Rivers with her husband, Andrew.