Here is Bell network service graph available which is updated continuously from the users of this website who submit reports of problem experienced at Bell Canada. Ontario, Keeping you connected during COVID-19. You can use this map to quickly understand if an ongoing outage in a provider you rely on is the source of an issue you are experiencing. Select a modem to learn how to best take advantage of your service and troubleshoot common problems. This service is operating normally. Received reports, mostly originating from Waterloo, Canada. - INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, FIBE, BUNDLES, TV & HOME PHONE - BELL ALIANT - Bell Aliant is Atlantic Canada's leading provider of Fibe, TV, internet, phone and data services to residential and business customers.

Not Working For Me! Use Troubleshoot & Resolve to check for outages, identify possible issues, or open a repair ticket. Test the speed of your Internet connection. If Bell Canada is down right now, we’ll list all the cities and regions affected. Bell Outage Map. This service is operating normally. I want to know about Bell Internet Security Services.

We also regularly complete upgrades to add capacity and keep pace with advancements in technology. Track your current and past Internet usage. © Bell Canada, 2020.

Get news about service outages that may affect you. Outage History Aug Sep Oct. Reports Dynamics EDT (GMT -04:00) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 17:00 20:00 23:00 02:00 05:00 08:00 11:00 14:00.

If you require a response please contact us. We would like to thank customers for their patience. Business TV + Internet + phone.

Please note, maintenance and upgrade activities may occasionally be re-scheduled due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. Use Troubleshoot & Resolve to check for outages, identify possible issues, or open a repair ticket. Network outages are algorithmically detected based on billions of measurements to hundreds of apps and services crossing thousands of Internet Service Providers each day. The State of the Internet: outages, incidents & browser data detected by @Pingdom in real time.

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Live Bell Canada outages report and heat map. There are not currently any scheduled updates at this time. Please don't call "support numbers" posted below — most probably it's a scam. TV. Dial Up Internet Service. The Bell Internet (formerly Sympatico) customer support centre offers online technical support and billing help for Internet services, with tools, how-to, and FAQs. Log in to access helpful self-serve features, such as rebooting your modem online. See all service outages. Waterloo-5h-Oct 15; Waterloo-Oct 15; Petawawa-Oct 15; Sarnia-Oct 13; Toronto-Oct 13; Discussion. Recent Reports. Get news about service outages that may affect you.

Bell Fibe Internet offers super-fast download and upload speeds as well as multiple unlimited packages.

Live. Optimize and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network, How to configure the Wi-Fi network on my modem, How to connect a computer to my wireless network, How to find or change my Wi-Fi network name and password, How to find my Bell Internet user ID (b1 number), How to set up an administrator password on my modem, Common error messages when browsing the Internet, Fix connected but cannot browse issues in Windows 10, How to perform a speed test from my Home Hub 1000 modem, How to perform a speed test from my Home Hub 2000 modem, Test your Internet speed (excluding Home Hub 1000 and 2000), How to reset or change my Bell Mail password using Bell Mail, How to set up Bell Mail with my email software/client, How to forward my Bell Mail to another email account. With our new self-serve tools, it's easier than ever! The most reliable high-speed Internet service in Canada.

This service is operating normally. Bell and Telus experienced major outages in Ontario today, and customers across the province had their internet access, television, home phone and cell service impacted as a result. Did you find this article useful? Outages are events with 100% packet loss in the same AS during a period of time, and where there is a certain level of impact on the infrastructure, sensors and services.

Bell MTS invests in routine network maintenance to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Bell email. Network Telemetry Data. Check is Bell down? There are no service outages to report.