• Cover 4, where each safety is responsible for his 1/4 strip of the field (the outside corners each have the other 1/4 strips). We do call those tandem releases at times, but not on this play. If he falls past the eight teams ahead of Cincinnati, he could be an incredible option to have on the field with Green. All-Pro wide receiver A.J. Our five O-linemen just have to handle the four defensive linemen. Bengals head coach Zac Taylor should get creative with how he uses the 24-year-old speedster. Question? Dalton in that case would have thrown to one of the hitch routes outside. He will continue to fill up the box score while making the highlight reel every week. That doesn't mean Ross is going to make every single one of those plays, but his speed needs to be accounted for. The only way it could be better is if Antonio Brown could figure out his life and if Calvin Johnson hadn’t prematurely retired in 2016. April 12, 2017 9:21 am ET, By Patrick Griffin | The other de-facto starter at this time is Brandon LaFell. With no additions in free agency, wide receiver is a position the Cincinnati Bengals could go big on in the 2017 NFL Draft. With the two safeties so wide like this, Dalton also knows it will be “2 man.” (That means man-to-man with two safeties over the top.) She led St. John’s College High in Washington, D.C., to its fifth straight Class AA state title and now, preparing to return for a ...read more. In certain designs against Cover 2, the outside receivers have a mandatory outside release. This is a pretty clear Cover 2 look. Despite his shortcomings, Ross could be the key to maximizing an offense led by a rookie quarterback. Rookie quarterback Joe Burrow has to methodically move the ball down the field if the offense is going to score. Ross' time is now.

You assume they’re playing these defensive techniques for a reason. However, don’t be surprised if they go receiver in the first round though . The situation after Green is much murkier. Mike Pereira says Joe Torre stopped him from working MLB games on Fox. In this “4 verticals” concept, Kroft’s seam “bender” is unrelated to Boyd’s option route. If he is running it on the linebacker, we’d want him to run at the linebacker. Buried under the radar are the Cincinnati Bengals and their quietly stacked wide receiver room. On this play, Green released his hitch route outside of the cornerback. April 12, 2017 9:21 am ET. If he is running it off the defensive tackle, theoretically, we’d want him to run at the defensive tackle. Kroft did a similar thing on the other side.

For more on the Bengals, including the latest NFL news, go here! He should compete to make the 53-man roster, but is not a candidate to take on a starting role. He doesn't have any confidence. Those numbers are not spectacular, especially for the second man on the depth chart. The New England Patriots have placed starting right guard Shaq Mason, reserve defensive end Derek Rivers and running back Sony Michel on the reserve/COVID-19 list, a source tells ESPN's Field Yates. If it would have been Tampa 2, Davis would have been aligned two or three yards deeper before the snap and would have been sinking back after the snap. With LaFell back in the fold, they will likely take care of other needs at the top of the draft instead. Take the easy stuff. Having torn both her right ACL and MCL in April 2019, Azzi Fudd missed nine months before returning to the court nine games into her junior year. He made an impact during his rookie year, with 54 catches for 603 yards and one touchdown. Now Urban is working with young receivers Tyler Boyd (a second-round pick in 2016) and John Ross (the ninth overall pick in 2017). Welcome to Bengals Wire's European Union Experience. Last season Brandon LaFell joined the Bengals in free agency and outperformed Sanu and Jones’s numbers from the year before, catching 64 balls for 862 yards.

He initially stemmed his route outside ever so slightly, which caused his defender, Williams, to widen.

That set up the angle for Kroft to bend his route inside. To a defender, a hitch route initially looks the same as a vertical Go route. He has his flaws. It just depends what we see from the defense on film that week. We’re in an empty formation. • SMARTER FOOTBALL WEEK: A series examining the cerebral side of the sport, including technology, analytics, how a brainy linebacker prepares and just what goes into a typical NFL play.

Look at the separation he gets from Boddy-Calhoun.

If this had been Tampa 2, those seam “bender” routes would probably not be open. Players spend more time in the classroom than they do on the practice field. Under Urban, A.J. Which means we want Boyd running his route to get himself open. The slot corner near Kroft, Tramon Williams, is playing outside of Kroft. On these seam “bender” routes, each receiver’s primary defender has different leverage. Clemson’s Mike Williams is the top receiving prospect on the board this year.

Any shorter and Kirksey can reach it. The chances are you've heard or said one [or all] of those things about Bengals wide receiver John Ross over the past three and a half years. Let’s examine Boyd’s option route. So here, instead of attacking LB Davis, Boyd runs six yards and simply turns around. Ross adds an element that Auden Tate, Mike Thomas and Alex Erickson don't bring to the table. That streak should end this Sunday against the Colts. In 2020, winning baseball does not always equate to aesthetically pleasing baseball. We teach our receivers to read their primary defender and their side of the field, not the whole defense. In other words, their first few steps on their downfield routes must be toward the sideline. This reveals that it’s zone coverage.

Ask the Texans if they should stop throwing the ball to Will Fuller, who like Ross, has had his fair share of drops. Then, LaFell drifted outside, dragging Kirksey with him. Boyd would then have taken his route inside and run his option off of Shelton. • Cover 6, which is Cover 2 on one side and Cover 4 on the other. Boyd should just release straight downfield off the line. To better understand this, we called upon one of the most respected assistant coaches in the NFL: James Urban, the Bengals’ seventh-year wide receivers coach. On “4 verticals,” you have four deep routes (usually run by the two widest-aligned receivers on each side) plus an underneath option route (usually run by the running back; on this play, it is run by the tight slot receiver, Boyd).

If it were man, the cornerback would have followed our wide receiver, Boyd, inside and the linebacker would have gone with our running back, Bernard, outside. This created the space to complete the top of the “bender” route. But remember, Bernard is not accustomed to running routes.

The 6-foot-3, 209 pound receiver destroyed his competition in college, and his game could translate well into the pros. If the Colts do that, then Burrow should throw him a screen or two early in the game. The pocket closes down, creating an inaccurate throw. The two safeties over the top make it very difficult to throw vertically, especially on the seam “benders.” However, you get a great opportunity with your option route. Ross' speed, quickness and route running ability can make things easier on everyone involved—except for opposing defenses. Don’t sleep on the 2020 Cincinnati Bengals wide receivers.

If it were Cover 4, the safeties would be aligned a few yards closer to the line of scrimmage. Having a big play or two mixed in would make things easier on the 23-year-old. He's inconsistent. If the Bengals take care of another need in the first round, there are other options in later rounds they could consider.

On this play, we put our two starting wide receivers, A.J. When Cincinnati selected the speedy wide receiver out of Washington with the ninth-overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, they were hoping he could help resurrect an offense that desperately needed another playmaker following Marvin Jones' departure a year prior. The receiving corps was ravaged by free agency in 2016 when Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu both left for Detroit and Atlanta and little has been done to address the losses. But in football, the pieces move all at once, and the movements aren’t constricted to certain squares and patterns. Marvin Jones also got one from Detroit. Register today for free or log in to access this premium article. He didn't travel with the team last week because he was suffering from an illness (not COVID). The receiving corps was ravaged by free agency in 2016 when Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu both left for Detroit and Atlanta and little has been done to address the losses. There is a ton of space for Boyd. This is a 21-yard completion to Brandon LaFell.

We hear all the time that football is a chess match. Position coaches like Urban, who can teach their players not just the mechanics of their job but how their job fits into the greater sum of the offense, are the ones who become coordinators. Let us know at talkback@themmqb.com. This is all expected; it was third-and-5, a situation where you often see “2 man” coverage. • ALBERT BREER: Analytics and the NFL—Finding Strength in Numbers. That would have left one-on-one coverage all the way outside. If we ran this concept the next week, we might put in the wrinkle of having Boyd attack the middle linebacker in order to create a clear window for Kroft.