— Richmond and Collingwood will be the prime time kings in 2020 with the Tigers playing in two Thursday night and six Friday night games. Eventually Zorko has a route to goal but Ablett comes in flying from behind to lay a superb despairing tackle! The Cats then exert a ferocious burst of pressure that looks to have Ablett free in kicking range but a Lion tackler does just enough to deny the disposal. The effort is always skinny and the teams leave the arena.

Q2: 6 mins remaining: Brisbane 3.2 (20) v 4.5 (29) Geelong - Another free-kick for in the back against Geelong, that must be near ten this quarter alone! Menegola did well pursuing the bobbling ball into the left forward pocket. AFL Trades 2020: Jesse Hogan Fremantle contract news, Sydney... NBA 2020: Michael Jordan photo, Keegan Hall Instagram news, Mike Tyson’s ‘absolute power’ ahead of comeback. Q2: 11 mins remaining: Brisbane 3.0 (18) v 4.5 (29) Geelong - Not to worry.

Chris Scott is nonplussed. It’s slow footy though with Geelong well set defensively and the Cats win the battle of wills. Geelong are leaving so many goals out there tonight. Q4: 14 min remaining: Brisbane 6.5 (41) v 8.11 (59) Geelong - Brisbane win the clearance this time and smuggle the ball to the edge of Geelong’s 50m. All times AEDT (GMT +11). High profile Lions fans were blowing up after the draw’s release on Thursday because of the fixture’s failure to deliver on the team’s historic ties to Fitzroy and Melbourne. His delivery to the hot spot was almost claimed by Dangerfield but Ablett picked up the pieces and snapped cleanly. The Cats are well set though and it’s only a matter of time before the Sherrin heads back the other way. Q2: 12 mins remaining: Brisbane 2.0 (12) v 4.5 (29) Geelong - Oh my, that’s dagger to Brisbane’s heart.

The ball fell to no other than Lachie Neale, who drilled a set shot from 55m to give his side a 13-point lead heading into the main break. Q3: 1.30 mins remaining: Brisbane 5.5 (35) v 7.10 (52) Geelong - Hawkins is dominating Martin and McInerney in these attacking stoppages and it’s a surprise Geelong don’t score after so much pressure. Tickets for AFL games: buy Brisbane Lions AFL single game tickets at Ticketmaster.com. Q3: 13 mins remaining: Brisbane 4.4 (28) v 5.8 (38) Geelong - Brisbane win the centre clearance and Ellis-Yolmen kicks to advantage. Hawkins is ropable he wasn’t fed the soda. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). No team will be under greater scrutiny than the Dees after they went from being preliminary-finalists in 2018 to finishing 17th on the ladder this year. POS Team Pts. Brisbane threw the kitchen sink at the champions, who hit back just like champions do. His second long-ranger of the night. Sat 17 Oct 2020 12.24 BST Eventually Zorko has a route to goal but Ablett comes in flying from behind to lay a superb despairing tackle! “We’re dominating the game” he asserts, shrugging off any suggestion he would be disappointed with his troops for failing to capitalise. Q4: 15 min remaining: Brisbane 5.5 (35) v 8.11 (59) Geelong - Selwood wins the opening clearance and Stanley launches it miles inside 50 but after a tussle Rohan is pinged for holding the ball. Q2: 5 mins remaining: Brisbane 3.2 (20) v 4.6 (30) Geelong - The Cats threaten to break at speed but Parfitt is pinged for holding the ball.

An unbelievable performance from the young Lions who withstood Richmond's first half charge and then hit back twice as hard in the second half. Awful sitter. His delivery to the hot spot was almost claimed by Dangerfield but Ablett picked up the pieces and snapped cleanly. The Dogs announced on Wednesday the club will play North Melbourne in the round four Easter fixture, which will be broadcast live on Channel 7 and Fox Footy at 4.20pm on Friday, April 10 at Marvel Stadium.

Going to be tough from here for the Lions now. The interesting fact is that Brisbane has actually beaten Richmond at its own style in the last half an hour. Q2: 0.30 min remaining: Brisbane 4.2 (26) v 4.8 (32) Geelong - McInerney again with the crucial intercept mark to keep Geelong at bay. The Cat gambles on the ground ball and he’s proven correct with the Lion failing to mark the half-volley.

It's been a tale of two stars though, with Brownlow favourite and Brisbane ball-magnet Lachie Neale without a possession in the first quarter. Q3: 5 mins remaining: Brisbane 5.5 (35) v 7.8 (50) Geelong - Repeat stoppages for Brisbane in Geelong territory. He shapes to shoot from the free kick but instead he chisels a pass to Ablett. Geelong clear along the right wing but it’s slow and the throw-in on centre-wing is inevitable. Q3: 6 mins remaining: Brisbane 5.4 (34) v 7.8 (50) Geelong - Bounce: Selwood, Guthrie, Duncan in tight, the latter offloads to Ablett on the burst, he skips out of the centre square towards the 50m arc, unloads and... goals! Wow! Let’s do it one more time with feeling. But it all ends, like last season, with a step forward, but still with a sense of potential unfulfilled.

Mark Blicavs excelled in his roving role, Jack Henry defended superbly and kicked a crucial goal, Rhys Stanley, Cam Guthrie and Mitch Duncan dominated clearances.