Liming Autos, which was established in 1996, but due to the inability to meet production demands soon shut down in 1999. China’s annual new car show toggles between the Asian country’s capital city of Beijing and its financial capital of Shanghai. Jiangling Motors Corporation (shortened to JMC or Jiangling) was established in 1952 (Nanchang) as a truck repair shop. As the Chinese manufacturer pays great attention to the foreign markets, the Project center, the task of which includes the coordination of all European branches of the company, was founded in the Italian city, Turin. Until 2008, the streets of Beijing were full of bicycles, but within the last few years they were replaced by vehicles. They are now specialized in building products such as automobiles, motorcycles, transmissions and engines, but it started by manufacturing motorcycles in 1994. Website: Who knows they might lead Chinese cars to a breakthrough to be sold worldwide. then place the electric motors in the wheels of the vehicle. The Renault Twizy is a truly revolutionary mode of transport. It produces both commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

China has been world’s largest auto maker since 2009, and it is obvious that the industry has huge capacity and potential. Headquarters are situated in the southwest of the country, in Chongqing. Although situation on the market varies from year to year, it remains one of the leaders. The company was founded in 1953. Many of these Chinese rip-offs are crudely built from copied Humvee parts, from the chassis to the transmission to the diesel engine. Other Chinese car manufacturers are Geely, Beijing Automotive Group, Brilliance Automotive, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Great Wall, BYD, Chery and Jianghuai (JAC). Such kits include the grille, logos, and badges of the Evoque. Although the formal name of this company is Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co, it is widely recognized just as Geely. It is a state-owned car brand established in 1968 under Mao’s call. This word has a positive meaning in Chinese language (it can be translated into English as “auspicious” or “lucky”). Seen at last year’s Beijing show, the Lithia allegedly can be driven up to 150 kilometres on lithium-battery power alone — “allegedly.”.

At least BYD isn’t cloning a recent RX. China Car Logos,China car company,Find & Explore China Car Company Logos.

Five years later JMC began to sell Yusheng SUV – the very first car under its own brand.

Perhaps China’s BYD should change its name to BYDR, as in Build Your Dream Rip-offs. At the Shenyang Beidaying Military Factory, he successfully imitated the U.S. trucks and launched 10 vehicles in one year.

DSC05451, 9. Changhe, officially known as ‘Jiangxi Changhe Automobile Corporation’, is an automobile manufacturer engaged in a joint venture with Suzuki. The company is headquartered in Beijing and is a subsidiary of the BAIC Group.

The company even has joint ventures with FAWER, Volkswagen, Toyota, Yangzi, and many more and has numerous divisions in Otey, Hongqi, and Besturn. Which car brands are on the list. It is China’s largest SUV producer.

Chinese exports are more concentrated in low-end market segments.

GAC Group sells cars under the make Trumpchi, motor and business transport vehicles under the brand Gonow, SUV under the brandname Changfeng Motor, buses under the make GAC Bus. Witness the Landwind X7, a near-Xerox copy of the current Land Rover Range Rover Evoque luxury compact SUV.

The company has several factories in China, but their cars are also assembled in 15 other countries using semi-complete knock-down kits. While most of the cars manufactured in China are sold within China, In 2019, around 295,000 commercial vehicles and 725,000 passenger cars were exported from China. A 50:50 joint venture with Daimler produces expensive electric cars sold under Denza marque. Geely (which means lucky in Mandarin) is a Chinese car company known for its passion for innovation.

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RELATED: The Most Popular Car Brands in America (Top 50), "The Most Comprehensive Car Logos Collection.". The Lifan 330 looks very "inspired" by the Mini Cooper. Unfortunately, the Twizy is not available to Chinese customers. But the ForTwo clone is also sold as the Shuanghuan Bubble, Martin Motors Noble and Martin Motors Bubble. Within the first decade of existence it sold over 500 thousand cars locally, which makes it China’s top-selling brand and the world’s tenth top-selling brand. The brand is already present on all continents and is proud to announce the manufacturing of electric buses and a new, exquisite electric luxury vehicle, marketed under the Denza brand. BMW’s Mini Cooper is already a pricey proposition here in North America, so a cheap, Chinese rip-off makes a lot of sense.

Many of these cars were sold domestically (there are more than a hundred vehicles for every 1000 people in China). The company is owned by the Zotye Holding group and plays an important role in exporting automobile components and parts to other countries.

It is based in Hangzhou. The big names of Japanese car companies that have become legendary include Toyota, Honda and Mazda which have conquered drivers’ hearts at a global level.

The following is a list of 10 most famous and best Chinese car brands including logos and a brief introduction of the company. It’s obvious to anyone with eyeballs that the V5 is a design rip-off of BMW’s X1 compact SUV. Ironically, Landwind became the first Chinese automaker to sell its cars in Europe, starting with the X6 SUV in 2005. Car Brands. Interest in newer technologies will definitely contribute the worldwide development of the brand: the F3DM is a plug-in compact saloon and the BYD e6 is an electric MPV. Geely is a Chinese automotive brand based in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China. Foton Motor is a Chinese car brand mainly producing trucks and agricultural machinery. When people think of buying an automobile, Chinese cars are not their first choice.

Among brands owned by this company are MG and Roewe. First seen in 2008 as the 320, the Mini Cooper knockoff has been so popular it was facelifted in 2013 to keep up with the original Mini Cooper’s design evolution, and is now called the 330.

Eight years later CA770 appeared.

The Most Popular Car Brands in America (Top 50). This example is the Shuanghuan Auto Noble.

JAC cars also have great popularity among government organizations inside the country. Last, but not least, BYD Auto completes the list of top Chinese auto manufacturers. It has joint ventures all around China and even has manufacturing plants in the UK, Paraguay, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Here are the top 10 worst Chinese car design knockoffs we’ve seen recently: The BYD S8 looks a lot like the Mercedes CLK. Its production volume reached 4.5 million vehicles.

Primarily because Brilliance China Automotive Holdings holds a 50% stake in BMW Brilliance, a joint venture that produces, distributes and sells BMWs (including the original X1) in China. Chinese Car Brands. Website: Great Wall Motors is a Chinese auto brand based in Baoding, Hebei province.

SAIC Motor Corporation is a state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, China. As of 2014, the total annual output almost reached 24 million vehicles.

The brand BYD is short for”Build your dreams.” The company was established in 1995 and is also an important rechargeable battery and electric vehicle maker in the world.

Shortly after, its shares got listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The Brand’s name means “red flag” (it symbolizes Communist party). The BAIC Group, short for Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corporation, is a state-owned firm that mainly specializes in producing passenger and commercial vehicles. GlobalCarsBrands is a blog where we post information about car brands, give you advice about cars, and post the latest news on the auto industry. It is famous for manufacturing some of the most fuel-efficient and luxurious vehicles in China and even has joint ventures with General Motors, Volkswagen, and Volvo. The company produces more than 200,000 vehicles per year.

Another Chinese automaker worthy of mention is Brilliance Auto. Hawtai is a Beijing-based automaker that partnered with Hyundai between 2002 and 2010 to manufacture the Korean automaker’s cars in China. © 2020 Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved.

The first generation of Hongqi cars was used to transport party elite. China became the largest automobile market in the world. Property of BYD Company, this brand exists since 2003. It includes six manufacturing sites in the territory of China, as well as 15 plants producing cars and engines. The Dong Feng EQ2050 HMV (High Mobility Vehicle), based on an imported AM General Hummer H1 chassis, is just such a copycat. The inner circle, which is a symbol of Earth, is applied on the additional fond.

Its owner is a Shanghai rich man. Your email address will not be published.

Dongfeng is also a state-owned Chinese Automobile manufacturer that has its name in the ‘Big Four’ automobile companies in China. From the same country that brings you fake Gucci handbags and knockoff Rolex watches comes the Chinese-designed and built BYD S8 — a fake Mercedes-Benz. This model was manufactured until 1980, and more than 1,600 units were made. Another top version of HQ3 seems to be reminding of the British Bentley, with a high-class design and top notch performance. SAIC, FAW and Dongfeng should be top 3 brands in China.


Home. Develop a prototype and seek to appear on Shark Tank with a proposal. Its origins can be traced back to bus production, but, momentarily, the manufacturer sells various models that compete with European sedans and smaller vehicles: the H320, the H330, the M1 and the FRV.

A lot of cars (especially small passenger ones) are marketed in developing countries. One residual from that relationship is the Hawtai B35 SUV, a Porsche Cayenne design rip-off built off a first-generation 2000 to 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe platform.

Motor Corporation traces its origins to 1940s. Unauthorized distrbution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. Hongqi has been producing luxury cars ever since its inception (1958). Founded in 1986, Geely initially was just a small refrigerator manufacturer. The QQ city car is the best-known model made by Chery. Now its total asset exceeds more than 110 billion yuan and the company has entered the world top 500 for three consecutive years. A new turn came in 1993 when it joined forces with Isuzu and Itochu to manufacture truck components. The company mostly redesigns vehicles made by Suzuki and sells them under their own brand name.

In 2004 this company was involved in a trademark dispute with Honda Motor for making motorcycles under “Hongda” brand. QQ city car is Chery’s top-seller. The Brilliance V5 is a bad imitation BMW X1. This will power 18 wheelers and vehicles. The history of this company started in 1984.

The Brilliance V5 is a great example of the convoluted business relationships that make up the Chinese auto industry. DSC05610, 11. Today, Lifan’s product range consists of passenger autos, as well as microvans, motorcycles, trucks, and mini-vehicles.