The story of a fictional World War II American sergeant who led his rag-tag infantry unit, Easy Company, to victory throughout Europe. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, in partnership with DC, are producing five new DC Showcase animated shorts highlighting a wide variety of DC characters.

It is likely Rock's official position in Easy Company was of senior platoon sergeant though dialogue and scripts are usually vague on his actual responsibilities and duties. Rock—who is strongly implied to be his father) and the Unknown Soldier, disguised (with one of his signature latex masks) as Bob the bartender. All kinds of film from all eras, all under 60 minutes of runtime. However, Frank Rock was involved with an incarnation of the Suicide Squad. HD 480p .
Sgt. To see what your friends thought of this book, Graphically speaking this book should rate higher than I've placed it.

DC Comics published Sgt. Rock's father was variously described as having died in a mine cave-in (OAAW #231), in World War I (#275 and 419) or in a Pittsburgh steel mill (#347).

Can't say that was the smartest decision, but this was at least appropriately pulp-ily strange since it's actually about the Creature Commandos and eating Nazis.

Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. External link consists of a forum site summing up the top 200 characters of Wizard Magazine since the real site that contains the list is broken",, Fictional United States Army non-commissioned officers, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Rock (alongside Easy Company) appeared in the, A soldier, implied to be Sgt. Rock appears as the main character in DC Showcase: Sgt. Título Original: DC Showcase: Sgt. The ultimate fate of Sgt. Rock; Turn off light Favorite Comments (0) Report. It's a better version of that film Overlord. One of the most prolific writers in comics, particularly in the Silver Age. Start by marking “Showcase Presents: Sgt. Following the victory against Imperiex, Amanda Waller oversees his symbolic funeral in Arlington with other World War II heroes, informing Luthor over the phone that Rock had no interest in being remembered and would simply want to rest in peace with his peers. ⓘ DC Showcase: Sgt. Beautiful, simple illustrations that convey the story in ways that words cannot. We’d love your help. There were initially two versions of the character, one residing on Earth-One and the other residing on Earth-Two. Cause you will GEORGE LUCAS CREAM IN YOUR CREAM IN YOUR PANTS.

The episode will focus on the young Zeon ace Char Aznable earning his “Red Comet” nom de guerre, as well as the beginnings of the Federation’s “Project V” weapons project…, Phoenix cop Ben Shockley is well on his way to becoming a derelict when he is assigned to transport a witness named Gus Mally from Vegas.

0. Rock with English Subtitles. In issue #84, he'd had Rock and Easy cross paths with Bruce (Batman) Wayne during the war (in an episode obviously set on Earth-Two) and followed up with a present-day sequel in Brave & the Bold #96.
Frank Rock is complicated.

Rock), 3 Images featuring Franklin Rock (DC Showcase: Sgt.