To make sure your YouTube data really disappeared, start over with Activity Controls in step 2, then after Manage Activity in step 4 make sure whatever's there (if you deleted it all there should be nothing) only goes back the three or 18 months you selected in step 5. Raw hits are sent to the Google Analytics servers, providing information about the visitor, the visit and the pages viewed. There will be a 7-day grace period to cancel the request by the admin. Digital Mantis, Inc. Can a Google Analytics Certification help your career? Then head to the Intellipaat website for the Data Analytics course today. 9. And only if you're a brand-new Google user. To remove a property, click View Settings in the View column in your Administration page. The Management API allows you to upload, list, delete and get uploaded files as well as list data sets. Next, click Manage Activity. 8. If you want Google to stop tracking your YouTube search and viewing history entirely, turn off the toggle on this page. How to download all data from google analytics? Select Delete or Confirm. 1. Or select the specific dates that you want to delete or all the data that you want to flush. To get more specific details or to delete individual items, select the three stacked dots icon then choose either Delete or Details. It's about enough to make you want to leave your phone at home.

Just like with Web & App Activity, we recommend setting YouTube to purge your data every three months.

To turn it completely off, move the toggle to the off position. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We're going to cut through all the clutter and show you how to access the private data Google has on you, as well as how to delete some or all of it. 2. 4. If you'd like to see what information of yours is available publicly, scroll to the bottom and select Go to About me. 3. 8.

Select an item to choose whether to make it public, semi-public or private. Not only that, allowing Google to track your YouTube history might have the most obvious benefit of all -- it helps YouTube figure out what kind of videos you like so it can dish out more of the type of content you'll enjoy. Here's how to access, manage and delete your Google location data: 2.

Zoom Webinar vs. WebinarJam: Which is right for you? 6. Once you choose an Auto-delete setting, a popup will appear and ask you to confirm. To permanently delete all location history, click on the trash can icon in the lower right corner and choose Delete Location History when prompted. 3. Google might collect far more personal data about its users than you might even realize. If you'd rather delete part or all of your history manually, select the three stacked dots icon to the right of the search bar at the top of the page and choose Delete activity by then choose either Last hour, Last day, All time or Custom range. If you want Google to stop tracking just your Chrome browser history and activity from sites you sign into with your Google account, uncheck the first box. Otherwise, move on to step 5. If you want to see the motherlode of data Google has on you, follow these steps to find it, review it, delete it or set it to automatically delete after a period of time.