Another possible option for determining a juvenile's sex is observing its underside. The female presses her eggs onto objects, such as plants, pots and glass, gluing them before the shell hardens. I will definitely buy again, and suggest to my friends. are they wc ?you need to be very careful if they are wc as they generally have mites.make sure you quarantine them. Vitamins and supplements should be use sparingly within a balanced diet.

Take care. This takes 24 hours to cure and needs perfectly dry conditions, so fixing the background needs to be the first thing you have to do if you choose to have it. Carly Sullens from St. Louis, Missouri on May 13, 2013: These creatures are all over in Orlando, but my kids and even the cats would love to look at them terrarium. Adult males average 3 inches long from the nose to the end of the tail. Below is the setup I use for my P. cepediana and P. klemmeri geckos. Female. Clean their enclosure often (replace substrate if using it), mist often and feed small meals once or twice a day. Once they lose ground they rapidly fail and die. Once in place, eggs are non-removable and must be incubated in-situ. When she isn't working with day geckos, she writes about the adventures of her sulcata tortoise at If the chosen male fails to show blue colors, he is not ready to breed. Because of this, when poachers came, the geckos were easy to find.

In addition you should make sure that the plants haven’t been anywhere near pesticides, it is a good idea to wash them before putting them in the tank. The basking spot can be hot, ranging between 89 and 94 degrees, as long as the geckos can retreat to cooler areas of the vivarium once they've warmed up.

It prefers to live on the Pandanus tree, which has dense stalks and above-ground roots. Gut-loaded insects lose their nutritional value quickly. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below.

Another option is to build a custom enclosure. T8-sized fluorescent bulbs are plentiful on the market, but linear T5s are recommended for brilliance and color. There are many beautiful plants you can use, including exotic orchids, epiphytic bromeliads anchored in the coconut background, climbing vines, and moss, the only plants that I have managed to keep in the long term are pothos and common potted bromeliads. Look for other small spaces that can trap small geckos, and seal those, as well. Not all geckos are right for breeding.

Follow the pattern of quarantine, acclimation and conditioning for designated breeders.

In the evening, when the lights are off, it is OK for the humidity to reach near 100 percent.

Feed geckos gut-loaded insects four to seven days a week. Attempts to move them can crack the shells. Most people have the lights on for 12 hours, although some keepers use shorter photoperiods in winter, and longer during the summer. In addition a well furnished tank makes it more likely that females will survive any potential aggression from males. This is both so that you can observe your pets easily, and because you would probably spook these rather nervous geckos if you had them on the ground, and they would see a lot of motion from above every time you approach their tank.

Halogen spots are great basking lights for small terrariums. aa lite (author) from London on May 10, 2013: Thanks. Voted up. They should offer important features, such as front-opening doors, front air ventilation and screen tops. Positive air flow over eggs helps prevent neonate death from heat "spikes," and slow temperature build up or "cooking" in a closed incubation system.

aa lite (author) from London on May 24, 2013: Thanks Carly. Offer her all she can eat for a month prior to her entering a breeding group.

At sexual maturity, females remain the same color. This is a much neater solution, since the starter is built in the cover, and avoids having a jumble of cables around the tank. So I got them home, released them into their new home, and within minutes this was happening: looks like you have 2 males and a female there.the olive one being mated by the male at the back and the male on his own.when males are kept together they can colour themselves down to look like females .you need to keep the separate as 2 males dont work and to be honest trios dont usually work either as the dominant female will stop the other female laying (causes stress and stress causes disease. Gold Dust Day Gecko/ & Electric Blue Gecko Caresheet Anyone?? This dwarf gecko requires a high-quality diet and clean water to maintain its bustling activity levels. In captivity, bulbs should not heat up the whole interior of the vivarium because a temperature gradient is necessary.

The roughness of cork and bark make it a favorite furnishing, along with natural sticks and branches. Another cricket dust supplement plan is one part RepCal with vitamin D3 and one part Herptivite. Keep humidity at 60 percent with little variation. More Details | Add to ... Electric Blue Day Gecko - Lygodactylus williamsi (Captive Bred) 2 Review(s) Quantity: 0 $199.99.

Select prime, sexually mature, and fully acclimated specimens. Males have a solid to striped black throat that can puff in display. In 1952, Arthur Loverage described a new gecko from a seldom-explored forest in Tanzania as being a "startling turquoise-blue." Electric Blue Day Gecko (Lygodactylus williamsi) CB13 Small but beautiful Geckos, these need to be kept under full spectrum UV lighting and males must be kept singularly. However, a screen top is necessary both to provide ventilation, and to allow UV rays from fluorescent tubes to penetrate the tank. Instead, these submissive males look just like females and are identifiable only by locating femoral pores.

Some keepers have observed them drinking from water bowls. Electric blue day gecko advice needed. The shortage of captive-bred electric-blue day geckos testifies that breeding is more challenging than first thought. The small Zoo Med Reptibreeze and other similarly built terrariums with front-closing doors are safe for small hatchlings. As you can see from my photo, I share my home with many happy, healthy geckos. However, I’ve never used an outside incubator for the eggs, I simply leave them inside their parents’ tank, making sure that I remove the youngsters as soon as they hatch. This can be done by reducing the light cycle to less than 10 hours a day and/or removing the male. I guess I know the answer to this question before I ask it, but I'm going to anyways.

Males are a vivid blue with the underside from the neck to tail as a bright orange. This gecko's exceptionally small size makes humidity and hydration control essential. They can also be a route of escape for uneaten crickets. Hatchlings are incredibly small, measuring one-fourth to one-half inch long. Bowls pose a drowning threat, so shallow lids are a safer alternative. Dispensing food to feeder insects hours before they are fed to geckos is inadequate. Decorative backdrops can be dangerous areas for hatchlings, so removal may be best. The table on the right summarizes the humidity requirements of some popular geckos. Thousands were illegally removed and exported. These dimensions pose husbandry problems. They come in a variety of sizes and have an excellent design with ventilation provided not only from the securely fitted screen top but also through vents in the front side.

Keepers notice that more males are hatched in captivity than females but this can be modified by adjusting incubation temperatures. Klemmeri geckos particularly benefit from bamboo in their enclosures, since in the wild they live in bamboo forests, hiding inside it whenever they are scared by a predator. £99.99.

This will allow you to setup consistent photoperiods, without having to remember to switch the lights on and off every day. Pothos seems to do particularly well in terraria and can spread to cover all of the background and any climbing surfaces you provide.

To provide for the high humidity the geckos should be kept in a glass enclosure. You could just put the tanks on a high table, but if you cannot find a suitable piece of furniture, exo-terra sells special stands for their terraria. Females are slightly smaller, averaging 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 inches. Keep in mind that a low humidity dehydrates this small gecko and will ultimately cause their demise. By 2005, when the first electric-blue day geckos were imported all over the world, reptile enthusiasts were all charged up. Internal structural braces in mesh enclosure are potential crush points, as are top-opening screens. Leann focuses on the more difficult species of day geckos. Phelsuma Farm is a specialist reptile shop and reptile breeding centre, specialising in breeding Day Geckos since 1988.

Some keepers actually cover part of the screen at the top, although I rely on frequent misting, well watered live plants and a deep layer of bedding. Bypass a gecko low in weight, with physical problems or unresolved fecal checks. This gecko is an egg-gluer.

Most keepers, including me, are challenged to maintain a healthy stock of "mini" insects. However, I eventually bought exo-terra terrarium tops with compact fluorescent tubes. I like the fact that that the doors open sideways, providing less chance of the geckos escaping when you open up the tank.

I have food continually available to insects, especially small insects. If you want to try a bigger variety of live plants, you have to investigate them carefully to make sure that they are not toxic.