It is such a great one to use in the intermediate classroom! It’s a way to become friends with someone you once considered your enemy by … Students may say that Enemy Pie isn’t a real pie that you bake.
Jeremy was no longer his enemy. He hung it in his bedroom. A. How did dad know about Enemy PIe? B. answer choices . Where did he hang the enemy list? SURVEY . The good smell was coming from the kitchen. A. Jeremy Ross was the only person on his enemy list. See more support materials for Enemy Pie. This resource has 12 comprehension questions to help guide the discussion as you read. (expressing an opinion) Answers will vary. Age Range: 6 - 8 years: Grade Level: 1st - 3rd: This resource supports Enemy Pie. This book companion has a large focus on comprehension and vocabulary.

10 Questions Show answers. 3. Explain. These activities are designed for intermediate students! 1. At the end of the story, the narrator says, “I still don’t know how to make Enemy Pie.” Do you think that’s true?

Love this book! ... At dinner, why did the boy begin to think he and his dad should forget Enemy Pie? The boy was a bit confused. A. He laughed... 2. Enemy Pie by Derek Munson Related Activities, Predicting Instruction, Notice and Note Close Reading, and Questioning the Author Strategy The packet has a vocabulary activity page, prediction activities, two activity pages relating to thick and thin questions (how to question the author), and a wri If there is time a whole class Friendship Pie can be created on the white board or large paper so it can be displayed. Q.
Resource Information. A FREE packet of comprehension questions and activities to go along with the book, "Enemy Pie", by Derek Munson! B. Question 1 . The teacher's guide includes discussion questions and internet activities. Enemy Pie introduces children to what it means to be a good friend. He wanted to eat the pie himself. Enemy Pie Activities. Students can also respond to these questions in writing. 30 seconds . Why was the main character upset with the new kid, Jeremy Ross? He liked the same girl at school.