Use Google Tag Manager to manage tags (such as measurement and marketing optimization JavaScript tags) on your site. Do they have PPC campaigns showing up in organic results. Missing tracking code on some pages, resulting in self-referrals or visits not recorded. Is anything broken or tracking/reporting incorrectly? It results in tracking 2x the pageviews that actually happen, skewing all pageview-based metrics, like so: The above is what you would see if you have double-tracking on all pages of your site.
Of course, there are common tracking issues associated with it as well. What is it exactly? As time goes on, add these types of issues to your checklist. For each of these you should have funnels, as both the Funnel Visualization report and the Goal Flow report are super useful for UX/CRO improvements. E-commerce is a must for any site that processes online transactions.

However, more complex sites with multiple underlying systems can easily have pages without a tracking code on them.

Review Google’s detailed ecommerce tracking instructions. In this article, we’re going over what it takes to have good, clean data in Google Analytics, covering the basics of auditing accounts and views. Therefore, we’re opening this series of articles about advanced Google Analytics. Click on the “Social Settings” tab and add your website domains that you have social plugins on, as well as your YouTube channel and other. Event or double pageviews for same account being called onload, resulting in 0% bounce rate. Here’s a look at part of Peep’s checklist: Annie Cushing of Annielytics checks Google Analytics health with her own audit: You can get access to the full audit spreadsheet here. You can find this report under Audience > Technology > Network, Hostnames as primary dimension.

Enroll in the Conversion Research Sprint. Analytics Audit Checklist 1. In addition to the IFS Database and the audit software auditXpress, the new app IFS Audit Manager will support internal auditors in their task on site. A Google Analytics health check is a series of checks that help you answer the following three questions: Our checklist will guide you, but this is an exploratory mission—especially if you’re an agency or freelancer. The tips from Annie and Mercer alone are going to save me thousands of dollars.

Double-tracking refers to a situation where you have the pageview tracking code fire more than once on each page load.

In the past, we’ve covered setting up and using Google Analytics fairly extensively. Not sure what to set up as goals? Does site use campaign parameters on internal links?

Introducing our new done-with-you 6-week live interactive training program. Are the IP addresses of your affiliates filtered out (e.g., agencies, freelancers, etc.)?

So that we can track the total amount of the cart with shipping etc.

Are the IP addresses of remote employees filtered out? Hence, it is a good idea to have a checklist for auditing your Google Analytics setup that you can refer to anytime you need (we’re providing this list later in this post). For now, here’s a look at some of the items on her free checklist…. Do you have your “Virgin View” and “Working Views” configured properly?

If site uses ecommerce tracking, does the code have currency symbols or or thousands separators in code? Thanks for the tips. However, the top 7 I’ve listed above are really a must in any Google Analytics audit. Glad you found the article helpful overall.

This rticles touches upon it but Google it for indepth solutions.

Do content reports contain UTM parameters? Blending of goal values and transaction values. Does the site use custom variables? Clicks on links to other websites that you want to track – partner sites, social netswork. Don’t be one of the many people making important business decisions based on bad data from a broken Google Analytics configuration. Now, there’s a good chance that you’re using Google Tag Manager.

Or, you can use a tool like Google Analytics Checker.

Meta refresh redirect causing gclid to be lost. Is your default page and time zone configured properly? What do your visitors want to do? Without editing your site code, you use GTM user interface to add and update Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and non-Google tags. Create your Google Analytics account by entering your website name, time zone, country and accepting Google’s terms of use. Obviously, the above case would be quite a disaster, so how do you avoid it? Duplicate ecommerce data not filtered. What else might you need beyond the basics listed above? I still often see URLs where only source and medium are present. If you’re using Google Tag Manager ... Google Analytics Audit Checklist: A DIY Health Check.
Just remember that the setup is view specific, so make sure all your views are configured. If the site has experienced drops, do they correlate with any major algorithm changes? The best practice here is to make sure you have proper view filters that include only traffic from valid hostnames.

Glad you found it helpful and it wasn’t another basic Google Analytics article. As with any profession, the quality of the work you deliver will be greatly enhanced and your efficiency improved, if you have the right tools. If you’re in ecommerce, you’re likely using some sort of shopping cart tool. She's a jill-of-all-trades marketer with a 12-year background in growth and content marketing. Today, we asked Georgi Georgiev, Google Analytics & Google Adwords expert, to tell us about tips and tools of intelligent GA auditing. Option 1:  Install the Google Analytics Code Snippet directly on your site The need to filter out spam refferals canot be overstated.

Sure, in the right context,…, A/B testing tools like Optimizely or VWO make testing easy, and that's about it. All rights reserved. Find a full list and begin troubleshooting. Review the most common Google Tag Manager issues and ensure you’re not making them. Is “enhanced link attribution” turned on?