and the spider engagement ring jumps onto her finger. ", leaps down from the DJ booth and begins to run to Drac's aid.

Type of Villain

Monsters (Giant Praying Mantis, Will Blake, Madame Doom, Brent Green, Count Nightwing & Haunted Mask) | Dracula swoops up Ericka, just before a piece of the ceiling almost fell on her, as Dracula and Ericka narrowly escape the throne room, and rocketed out of the water, and onto the sand. Occupation Family-oriented, charming, cunning, aggressive, prideful, loyal, flirty, affectionate She is Dracula's fiancee. Captain Ericka Van Helsing is the secondary antagonist of the animated film Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

However, Ericka whispers to her great-grandfather that she won't try to kill Drac, she will kill Dracula. She and her great grand-father made peace with the monsters.

Azrael (2017) | Prowler | King Leonard Mudbeard |

When she's asked about her last name, she panics until the waiter brings chips and guacamole, which she uses to redirect the conversation. Jonathan Loughran | Midnight.

When Drac reveals that he zinged with Ericka, Mavis was in shock, that she dropped Ericka onto the sand. Running her cruise ship.Spending time with Dracula. Ursa | Hal | Richard Fisk | Ericka stutters and tries to explain further, but Abraham cuts her off and opens the Instrument of Destruction. Ericka's outfit for the cantina scene was originally planned to have red, orange and yellow ruffled sleeves, a large red rose in her hair and a red choker, but it was changed to the off the shoulder sunflower jumper. Ericka is unhappy with her newest failed attempt on his life and sulks on her side of the table until Dracula apologizes. Ericka appears by doing acrobatics in front of the crowd and lands onto the Crow's nest, and happily greets everyone by speaking in different languages. Glenn | ", "Oh why? Red | In the videogame adaptation of the film, she was voiced by Julianne Buescher. Unknown Charlotte & Sophie, Animated Features She offers to remove it for him, but as she grabs hold of the handle, Mavis appears from behind a fallen column and gasps in horror, thinking that Ericka has attacked her father. Green Pigs | Zach | Dennis | Mike and Linda | When Ericka's great-grandfather traps the monsters, Ericka sadly walks up to the DJ booth, and reveals that she is Ericka Van Helsing, the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing. In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Dennis sneaks Tinkles on the vacation that Mavis plans for Drac. Concept art shows that Ericka was going to have buck-teeth similar to. Allies In the morning, after explaining to Abraham about a feeling, when she was with Dracula at the restaurant, and after knocking Wayne and Wanda out, Ericka's great-grandfather tells her to fetch the Instrument of Destruction, when the monsters reach their final destination, Atlantis. Cyrus | Quasimodo Wilson | He confesses that he is very nervous as he hasn't had a date since his wife died. After Ericka picked herself off the sand, she asked Drac and Mavis what a "Zing" was. He wears a black tuxedo with a black cape and the inside of his cape is fuschia-purple along with black dress shoes. Jenny Bennett | Powers/Skills Hi-5 | She lands on her feet on another tentacle and skates down it, avoiding the other tentacles trying to grab them, until she leaps off and the pair roll toward a cliff edge. Gale | Wayne | At the moment, Drac's eyes opened, surprised that Ericka had zinged with him. R.L. Full Name Fate At the restaurant, Ericka tries to poison Dracula while feeding him chips with guacamole (Which Ericka had already poisoned, the guacamole with garlic).

Before Drac and Ericka could share a romantic kiss, Mavis interrupts them, which makes Ericka leave the restaurant, embarrassed by Mavis showing up and ruining, the romantic moment.

She decides it's the perfect opportunity to get him alone and makes her presence known to the group. As she enters the room, she drops the "nice and silly act" and just feels disgusted around Dracula and monsters. Monsters (Formerly)Dracula (Formerly)Abraham Van Helsing (Temporarily)

During her childhood, Ericka was taught to believe in her duty as a monster hunter. Drac explained that, it was a "love at first sight for monsters", but Ericka rejects Drac's feelings by telling him that she couldn't never be with a monster, like Drac. Murray | Drac explained that, it was a "love at first sight for monsters", but Ericka rejects Drac's feelings by telling him that she couldn't never be with a monster, like Drac.

Bubbles | She spins several times before double-kicking him in the eye.

Dracula has pale skin, blue eyes, pointy ears, pointy teeth and short black hair that is slicked back on his head. She flips onto one of the Kraken's leviathan tentacles and starts sprinting toward where Drac is being held, when Dennis instructs Tinkles to assist her. The following morning, Ericka is walking around the ship sulking about her conflicted feelings for Dracula. Goals Tank Evans |

I mean, how many times can you save my life, right?

Willow |

You're wrong about monsters! Alias Martha | Ericka listens to this and immediately feels sorry for Dracula, & reveals that she never knew her parents, and only her great-grandfather raised her, and that she had lived on the ship, all her life. When Ericka gets to a small lake, Drac covers his eyes, as Ericka begins to undress herself, into a sleek swimming outfit, and she dives into the water, and she swims into the water, as Drac follows after her underground, and Ericka emerges in a abandoned throne room. Ericka.

Spider-Ham |

Chester V | Jailbreak | Ella | Headless Horseman | After a lot of failed attempts to try and kill Dracula, Dracula nervously got up the courage and asks Ericka out on a date which she agrees to go with Dracula and she tells him to meet her at midnight, at a restaurant. Zombies | Mavis grabs Ericka with magic and holds her up in the air, tightly enough that it actually causes Ericka pain. Monsters (formerly), Hunting monsters, Dracula being in danger, being trapped on the Legacy Redeemed Hero's Lover. Vlad Dracula | Feature films She is caught by Abraham and attempts to lie about her whereabouts all evening, but her outfit gives her away.

Running her cruise shipSpending time with Dracula Wanda | Hunter |

Mr. McMahon | Frank |

Wilson | Gargamel (2017) | Dracula guilds her lovingly through them all in a tango, taking the brunt of all of the traps for her.

After stammering nervously, Dracula, Mavis, Johnny, Dennis and all the other monsters, were waiting eagerly for Ericka's answer, then Ericka blurts out happily: "YES!". She waves hello to other monsters before she notices Dracula staring at her. Wilbur | Judge Peckinpah | Ericka can only hold onto the Instrument of Destruction while Drac carries her as fast as he can away from the collapsing room and through the underwater passage again. Tommy Madigan | Ranger Beth |

Mopsy Rabbit | Demented Debbie | Blobby | Alistair |