Tap a meeting to see the details and participants. Connect and engage across your organization. @Nicole005, by Ultimately, Microsoft Teams allows you to see a video of nine people at the same time. I am trying to wean my organisation of zoom, but when the capabilities are not equivalent it’s difficult.

If more attendees enter the meeting, Teams will switch to a 7 x 7 layout to let you see all the members in the meeting. Show participants in teams video call Hi Everyone, We have a work Teams group set up between 4 the members of staff in our team and whenever we have a video call, I can only see the person who is speaking, with the others just dots but others can see everyone. Can’t See all Participants Even on Teams Desktop App?

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. @Laura1750 I'm having the same issue, and I only use the desktop version of Teams, not the browser version.I think it may be a bandwidth issue too, as I was on a call yesterday where at the beginning I could see the thumbnail videos of 3 participants, plus my own, as someone shared their desktop, but I clicked on another tab in Teams and then came back to my call, and at that point and for …

‎03-17-2020 Is there a way around that? See Related topics below to learn more. See Related topics below to learn more. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. @Daniel-Howell absolutely agree, it’s critical for all members to appear, @M_SAN04 Also very keen on this, especially with the working from home because of covid-19. 03:06 AM.

It might not seem many, but it’s actually good news. October 03, 2020, by Regarding your issue, could you please kindly provide us screenshot of yours video call screen and other participants video call screen. on Thanks for marking this as the answer. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Not to mention this, whatever this means: - it doesn't show me which call, which means they could be doing some other call at the same time, - it doesn't let me invite them to my call from there, - it takes several long seconds to refresh, - it is in a very inconvenient place and should be in the call attendees menu, This, unfortunately, still solves nothing :(.

With Teams, all I can do is manually take a screenshot of one list and manually and tediously compare it with the other, which takes ages. Thanks again! Currently I've seen some problems that only one video is shown due to high usage of Teams, but that should be solved as soon as they scale up Teams services. From there you can: Join the meeting.

September 23, 2020, by Enable Large Gallery View to see up to 49 people Microsoft Teams now has a new view known as the Large Gallery View that supports a 7 x 7 grid layout, i.e., you can see up to 49 participants in a meeting. 01:07 AM Many thanks, How can my group at work see at least 4 people?

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. on For that, you have to switch to another view, but then I don't see who is currently in the meeting, so I can't compare. There is a new view coming that will allow 3x3 (totally nine video streams).
We've created an org in MS Teams. ‎04-01-2020 I am using this for my entire class and need it for 25-30 students.

How satisfied are you with this response? Is there a special setting I need to have on my PC? ‎03-17-2020 The calendar shows you everything that was scheduled in Teams, Exchange, or Outlook. We won’t stop till our users can see *all* participants in the meeting at the same time. September 21, 2020, by Kindly provide us your Teams application version details. What used to be an agenda list is now a full calendar. I mean, Is there is any option for the speaker to mute all the students, and then unmute them back when I want them to speak? Maybe included then? if you click on the person icon it will bring up a list of call attendees. Great! I've seen that there are some problems currently that only one active speaker is visible (instead of four). 04:40 AM. Not a way to just post another invitation right under the original one? ), Cancel the meeting if you're the organizer. Since other participants has no issue, so kindly configure your Teams account in other participants’ PC and check how it works and also check participants Teams version is same as yours. With so many remote workers and groups due to Covid19 this is more important to us than ever. Default setup gives 3 or 4 video screens and then rest only appear as small icons in the bottom corner. Lastly, Together Mode is designed to show all of the participants of a meeting in a shared background like a lecture hall. (Tap Join.).

Video Hub on September 30, 2020, by Did you get a response? to switch to another view, but then I don't see who is currently in the meeting, so I can't compare. Switch between a day, work week, or full week view—the menu is located on the top right corner of the app below the New meeting button. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn.

Hover over the main screen, the control bar pops up and you will see the mute bottom, hang up button etc. ), A subscription to make the most of your time. It helps us to identify difference more clearly. If you are a teacher and using Microsoft Teams to teach students online, you might want to mute all or some of the participants… If meeting organizers need access to more meeting attendance data than they get from the report available within the meeting, you can assign the Report reader role so they can access the Teams admin reports themselves. And you don't even have a list of all invited people or people that are in the team.

How to see next screen to 49 participants in Teams Meetings, What’s New in Microsoft Teams | September 2020, New capabilities on Microsoft Teams phones | September 2020, New inclusive features in Microsoft Teams and more | Ignite 2020 Edition, What's New in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Ignite 2020, Microsoft Teams devices for shared spaces, Transform productivity by enable Microsoft 365 partner apps for your organization. That solves nothing. 04:40 AM

With Teams, all I can do is manually take a screenshot of one list and manually and tediously compare it with the other, which takes ages. What else can you do Although Microsoft has promised the ability to view more people on Teams, you can also get your voice heard in this UserVoice that first requested the feature.