The size of this photo is 1400 x 425 pixels and should be a .jpg, .gif or .png file. This address is what browsers use to find you on the internet out of the other 500M LinkedIn members. For each task or claim you are making: These two questions will steer you away from job responsibility tasks in your profile and put you on the road to developing accomplishment-driven language in your profile. You can use the former name function if you changed your name over the course of your career and want to be found under your former name, and you can choose to whom your former name is visible for optimum reach. Do all of them and you will blow your fellow job seekers out of the water and amaze prospective employers. The first challenge is a computer. If you pass all these challenges then you’ll be asked to interview. This is a task that will take longer than just a few minutes, which is why I didn't include it above.

For inspiration, check out a column I wrote on career storytelling on LinkedIn. I've found that often times people change jobs and they forget to update their email address. Want to hit the ground running -- as far as your career and business are concerned -- in 2019? Use descriptor words that demonstrate your abilities, subject matter expertise and skill sets as often as possible, especially in your summary and experience sections. © 2020 Clark Howard Inc. By using this website, you accept the terms of our Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy, and understand your options regarding Ad Choices. I have compiled a list of five simple upgrades you can make right now to your professional profile.

Who are we? If you are currently not working, enter in a present position indicating the type of job you are looking for and outline professional initiatives you are doing while looking for your next role. Understanding the components of developing a robust LinkedIn profile is a key piece of having success in your job search using the site. This just means that other people have used these titles already to describe their skills or recruiters have conducted searches using these words. Earlier this year, I offered six guidelines for a winning LinkedIn profile photo.

The one thing that separates a good portrait photo from a mediocre one is good lighting.

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There is huge value being placed on engagement. Exception to this might be industries that are particularly formal. I have chosen to outline part of the rationale for my business. On a monthly basis, update your contacts that you include in your list of LinkedIn connections.