You allow him his emotions, his pain and his fear.

Hvitserk moans softly against your lips.

One shot - Hvitserk Imagine being Hvitserk’s wife and coming home to see he made a huge mess in the kitchen. When asked about how he wished to die, he decided to be burnt alive. Ecbert raged around his office. It was quiet in your apartment until the front door suddenly burst open.

Hvitserk "Whiteshirt" (Russian: Рыжебородый Tупик, tr. You smile back at lick your tongue into his mouth. Pick a fandom, pick a character, pick a certain theme or situation, and I'll make a moodboard about it. I'll look for a character that would suit best by your side and give you a short description about how your relationship would look like. You begin playing with his hair and he nods off.

Again, pick a fandom, pick a character and imagine a situation. Be ruthless. “It saved you, it saved …us.” He mutters. Pick a fandom, pick a character and imagine a certain situation that you and that character would be in.

That stupid, stupid fool!”. These boys are PROS at sniffing out toxic relationships. They are valid. “Yes.” He said and nodded his head while smiling. William took a deep breath and spoke. “I don’t believe that.” You whisper. If you are comfortable doing it the Catboys reacting to you being in a toxic relationship. Hvitserk heaves a soft sigh. playing God. “The Boat Builder was a clever man.” You say. When you pulled your head back you looked him into his eyes and saw he was smiling again. He is not who he used to be. I don’t get much time to write now and it sucks! I hope you enjoy this chapter. Click here, One shot - HvitserkImagine being Hvitserk’s wife and coming home to see he made a huge mess in the kitchen. I would be really happy if you leave a comment saying what you think “And I love you.”, Posted on Monday, February 27th ( 3 years ago ). Please improve this article by adding a reference. He wasn’t who your parents promised he’d be. so if you have a prompt like that for ubbe and hvitty specifically, anon, you can leave it in my askbox :). He had to go and kill Ragnar’s son and now he is missing and his wife is dead! They never do. became crazy, she just tried to live her life with her lover Hvitserk and had On the table next to him stood an empty plate. it better. It can be a drabble (one, short piece) or a longer story that can have multiple parts. advice to help me improve my writing just tell me and I’ll do my best to make

Ryzheborodyy Tupik) was one of the legendary sons of the 9th-century Norse king Ragnar Lodbrok and his wife Kraka, attested to by the Ragnarssona þáttr. The story can be between you and the character, but can also be between two characters. “You know, it’s okay to cry.” You whisper. Aaline gets her way. Hvitserk just stood there, watching you. I saw many new things.” He replies softly. Hvitserk is pretty shit at hiding when he doesn’t like someone, but him genuinely hating someone is a strange occurrence. You shake your head. I thought you slaughtered a pig in there, but okay, my mistake..” He could obviously see you were irritated, especially when you made preparative to walk away. He was a man who did no good but get drunk. Hvitserk lost balance and almost slipped out of the chair. Hold him until he sleeps…. Pick a fandom, pick a character and give me a description about yourself. Ivar will straight up tell you. He presses a kiss to your temple. This article does not contain any citations or references. “But first..” You said and released yourself from his grip. You kneel before him, cupping his face with both hands. Hvitserk "Whiteshirt" (Russian: Рыжебородый Tупик, tr. There came no answer. A farm where once a farmer had loved his wife.

“I missed you too.” You whisper. short hours and he will not see the light of the sun again in this life; his enemies Hvitserk Ragnarsson was born on month day 789, at birth place, to Ragnar "Lodbrok" (Regner Lodbrog "Hairy-Breeks" Sigurdsson Lodbrok Loðbrók Ragnar "Lodbrok" /Sigurdsson/ /Lodbrok/ King of Dacia (Denmark) 'Lodbrok' Lodbrok (Hairy Breeches) Hairy-Breeks "Lodbrok" King of Denmark Ragnar "Hairy-Breeks" King of Sweden Loth. He leaned forward and placed his lips in your neck. Ragnar whispers to Ivar in the darkness of his prison cell, ten stories beneath “I know, dear.” You said with tears from laughter. I knew this would happen. “Hvitserk is with another woman.” I cry when he asks me why I’m at his door. Death is coming for him in a few “Yes.” While you said that you pressed your lower body against him.

(all credit to @volvaaslaug and @philomaela for inspiring this), I’ve created some lockscreens with Alex and Marco. I accept requests from these fandoms: The First Time He Says ‘I Love You’ - Hvitserk, Come and Lay the Roses 26- Under Those Same Stars- [Ivar x OC], The Boss - Modern Ivar X Reader Mob Boss AU - Chapter 5. Excise weakness If you listen, he’ll be there, and if you don’t, he’ll still be there. He was the exact opposite of what you wished for in a husband. Yeah, I agree that Lagertha didn’t deserve what Ragnar and Aslaug did to her, but she divorced him then it should be the end of the case, and after all Aslaug suffered for Ragnar too. Anyway, here is the next part hope you enjoy! “Thank you for trying.” You said sincere and kissed him softly. the stars.

close to him. Not to talk about the way the meat looked. “What happened to the kitchen?” You asked him dead serious and raised an eyebrow. The following and the friendships I have gained from my writing has been so heartwarming to me and I can’t even imagine if I didn’t push myself to write that day. He nods slowly.“You came back.” You whisper. A smile that slowly faded away. “I have missed you.” He murmurs against your lips. back to his brothers, and they will surely seek revenge. Bjorn knows your partner is toxic before you do. Hvitserk’s eyes lighted up and he smirked. “Hvitserk?” you yelled again and walked into the living room. “Hey handsome.” You chuckle. I'll turn it into a story. but will be there for you.