A matriarch tends to lead hyena packs, although she participates very little in the actual hunting.

Living in clans as they do, they can be observed to be extremely social. Most people believe that hyena scavenges the majority of their food, but this is not necessarily the truth.

Female hyenas have a pseudo-penis, making the animals difficult to sex when young, though as adults’, females are easily noticeable due to their size and weight difference to the males. When cubs are born at the den site, they get to interact with each other and thus build up a clan hierarchy. Each call has a specific use and is therefore easily distinguished and interpreted by the rest of the clan. It is the original guide training school in South Africa, with the largest, most bio-diverse footprint in Africa. However, the power of jaws diminishes as the teeth get delicate with age. Hyenas communicate via a range of vocalizations varying from whoops and grunts to almost demented human-like laughter. The lineage of Plioviverrops prospered, and gave rise to descendants with longer legs and mo… The main rivalry for hyenas are lions.

Formally accredited courses – the most recognised of any training school in Africa. Built like they are running uphill; they can attain speeds of up to 60 kph, however, more importantly, they maintain that speed for long period of time, enabling them to tier their prey out before catching it and ripping it to shreds. Unlike other carnivores, when it comes to hyenas, the job of hunting belongs primarily to the males. Hence they are often referred to as ‘Laughing Hyenas’. Though many people compare hyenas to dogs, they are actually much more like cats. The clans are matriarchal, as the females are larger than their male counterparts and can outweigh them by as much as 30%. This fact, along with their powerful mouths, makes them extremely dangerous, capable of crushing bones with their sharp fangs. Hyena and hippo in East Africa (c) Tayla McCurdy. If you have ever had the privilege to travel to Tanzania or Kenya, you will see hyenas wallowing midday like a hippo in muddy pools of water. The first ancestral hyenas were likely similar to the modern African civet; one of the earliest hyena species described, Plioviverrops, was a lithe, civet-like animal that inhabited Eurasia 20–22 million years ago, and is identifiable as a hyaenid by the structure of the middle earand dentition. Teeth of Brown Hyenas: The teeth of these species are strong.

Behavior of Brown Hyenas.

Hyenas originated in the jungles of Miocene Eurasia 22 million years ago, when most early feliform species were still largely arboreal. They kill up to 95% of their food, with the remaining percentage being scavenged or stolen.

The only training school to be situated inside the Kruger National Park. Much like other animals that have stripes or spots, the pattern on each animal is unique, allowing for easy identification. They mark their areas with dung and a pungent paste secreted from their anal glands. They can be a bit bossy with friends, but those same friends also loo… Hyenas are one of the most intelligent animals on the African continent and arguably the most intelligent predator bar the African Wild Dog.