Learn more about the Alpine Loop here, or stop in at the Ouray Visitor's Center for a free map. Vehicles must also meet specific requirements for the country or region where they are located. Read more about the race here: http://live-raceresults.com/imogene/. The following are the legal staging areas to access the Alpine Loop: Safety, ethics & planning considerations (The Alpine Loop is truly a backcountry experience.

Q: I know I'm going to hear it for this one, but here it goes. Q: I watched a couple videos of Imogene, start to finish. Ran this Saturday afternoon and we only saw a couple vehicles the entire way.

This road was a complete zoo at times. I walked the Ouray side of Imogene last September and from what I can say the lower portion of it until just past the Revenue Mine you could do in a Smart Car. Imogene Pass- Telluride to Tomboy is passable, a few small patches of snow in shady areas. Crew 2: Red Mountain Town Open the Main Loop-- OPEN

I would recommend chains or waiting till next year. Definitely put it on your list.

Many of the historical sites contain mining passages and buildings - DO NOT enter them.

- At over 12,000' at the pass, the view is tremendous in every direction. This pass was moderate with some shelf road before you get to the top of the pass at 13,114 ft.

The trail is closed on September 9th for the annual marathon run there and should reopen to traffic on Sunday. The trail was moderately technical and a decent challenge, it would have definitely been more challenging at stock height. Diesel powered vehicles and motorcycles are exempt from emissions testing, but are still required to have the annual safety inspection. Helmet is required for riders under 18 years of age (a bicycle helmet will NOT suffice).

There are plenty of places to get by. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 or contact the Sheriff's office: Ouray County: OHV's permitted on designated county roads only, routes on Alpine Loop, must have CPW reg/permit, driver’s license, and CO state minimum liability insurance, NO Ouray City Streets or state Hwy 550. I attempted to cross the pass this morning in my Rubicon with 37” tires and 4” lift. There is an alternate entrance 1.3 miles further west, trail information on that route can be found. Q: While I know this site is primarily for 4WD vehicle enthusiasts, I'd like an opinion for taking on Imogene in a 50" side by side UTV with stock clearance.

Imogene Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.997m (13,114ft) above the sea level located in Ouray County in the southwest part of the US state of Colorado. If you list your vehicle on our platform, you can't list it on another car sharing platform. 2000 Frontier, 33's, 2" lift, no lockers, and a 2004 4Runner, 32's, 2" lift, no lockers. Jeeps, SxS's, dirt bikes, ATVs, trucks, tour guides, rentals, you name it and it was driving on this road.

It was open, no snow or ice. The entrance to Imogene Pass is marked and will be a left turn at the driveway into the Camp Bird Mine. Greg has been at the wheel of everything from dirtbikes, ATV's, early Jeep CJ5's that he has restored, Wranglers, and presently explores in a 1997 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser and a 2016 Kawasaki KLR650 motorcycle. Offering gorgeous scenery and traversing Colorado backcountry rich in mining history, Imogene Pass offers an opportunity to look back into time and relive what it would have been like to live and work in this area. The summit was very slick with snow starting to accumulate (1-2 inches) and tracks icing over. I'm already planning a return trip next summer. Highly recommended - rear view mirror. Book-ended by the beautiful towns of Telluride and Ouray at either end of the trail, Imogene Pass offers travelers the ability to get away from civilization yet never being very far from a warm meal and bed if that's what is desired. Is the pass open and doable with the snow?

I've seen all the pictures on nice days but have to admit the clouds and rain were pretty awesome.

Ridgway State Park is the closest location to Ouray where you can purchase OHV registrations and permits. These old roads give access to this awesome scenery as well as ghost towns and mines that have a lot of history. We had fantastic weather all day and by the time we started the trail about 3pm, most of the traffic was on its way down the hill, including the tour jeeps. Imogene was great for the most part. Not all of the land along the Alpine Loop is public; respect private property. The closure will impact the portion of road between the Smuggler Tram Ruins to the Town of Tomboy.

Along the way, keep an eye out for traffic coming from the other direction, as the trail is a two-way road.

Some parts can be longer and tedious. As you drop down into Telluride on Main Street, Turn north on Fir Street, make the first left on Columbia Avenue and then take the first right onto North Oak Street. Q: I’ll be traveling solo from Ouray to Telluride in a Stock 84 Landcruiser. A simple obstacle can cause a tragedy if you drive it stupidly. The Ouray side is open to the top.”. Keep pets leashed while visiting cultural sites and around wildlife. Certain vehicle types can't be listed on our platform. We almost made it two years ago but ended up running into a 20 foot wall of snow and that was on June 20.

Camped along the end of it right next to a creek and of course had a great night sky.

Did the trail from telluride to ouray in a 2015 Ford f150 2.7l EcoBoost. 3997 m./13,114 ft.) is a high mountain pass in the San Juan Mountains in the southwest part of the US state of Colorado..

Amazing views! Follow Camp Bird Mine Road approximately 4.8 miles. 6. Crew 1: Yankee Boy -- OPEN The weather became stormy (mixed rain and hail) before reaching the summit, so conditions were cold and wet. Off-highway vehicles are not permitted on any city street in Ouray. Close. Which is a shame for a truly gorgeous trail that I expected to love and came out so frustrated with. Snow banks still exist up high, saw some fresh new dustings of overnight snow - thank you to the road crews for the insurmountable task of opening this trail this year. Learn more about being a Commercial Host. The cliffs on the Telluride side were a little sketchy.

Some of these restrictions do not apply to, GEM or similar vehicles not designed for highway use, Passenger vans that seat more than eight people, Vehicles requiring a commercial license to operate legally on public roads, Vehicles designed primarily for off-road use, Vehicles that display dealer or trader plates (except in the US), Universal requirements for listing a vehicle on Turo, List only eligible passenger vehicles that are registered to you or to an owner who has authorized you to list, List only vehicles that are registered and located in the United States (except New York), the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec, the United Kingdom, and, and continue to meet our maintenance and safety standards as your vehicle ages. Great weather, water levels were low crossing streams. We started in Ouray and did the trail backwards according to the way points.

7. All Texas registered vehicles are required to receive an annual inspection. Stay on designated roads.

Very busy though!

Crew 1 & 2: Imogene (in progress, began 7/9) . Not ideal I'm sure but is it doable? OHV's, ATV's and unlicensed motorcycles are illegal to drive on any City of Ouray street or state highway in Colorado.