But what I never expected to see was an elderly man on a mobility scooter braving the roundabout. He was clearly struggling to find a gap as he kept preparing to move and then pressing his brakes. Take a look at its layout from above, and after your pulse returns to normal, you can see it's quite logical. It is located between the Hythe and Greenstead areas of the town, with the A133, The Avenue of Remembrance; Avon Way; Greenstead Road and Eastern Approaches to The Hythe. ✪ Greenstead Hythe multiple magic roundabout, ✪ The Magic Roundabout: Swindon's Terrifying Traffic Circle and Emergent Behaviour. Magic Roundabout (Colchester) Magic Roundabout (High Wycombe) Magic Roundabout (Swindon) Denham Roundabout, Denham, Buckinghamshire at Junction 1 of the M40 and the meeting of the A40, A412 and A4020 roads. The article also notes that the Swindon Magic Roundabout ‘is one of the few places where the jams have never really returned despite forty years of traffic growth’. Since that time many houses have been built between the roundabout and the cemetery, diminishing the size and use of the cemetery significantly, with the majority of housing now being let to students. Both at Swindon and Hemel Hempstead before you need to commit to lanes you are given a view across the junction so you can travel a longer way around if there is congestion on one side. Original text, photographs and graphics © 2001-2020 Chris Marshall, except where stated. The creation of the roundabout stirred much controversy among the local community, as large amounts of the nearby Greenstead cemetery were destroyed to make way for the project. read more, If the contents of the castle are half as good as the grounds, you'd be nothing short of... I can see that if you were following a satnav, it could be pretty tricky as you don't necessarily know where you need to turn next. You know it is coming as there is every chance you could end up there on your test, so you need to know what you are doing. At one point I was driving behind one learner car close to the Tesco exit and the traffic was very heavy. In 2009 it was voted the fourth-scariest junction in Britain. They also have an excellent safety record, probably because all traffic is moving too slowly to do any real damage in the event of a collision. It is known for its complexity, and the resulting confusion it causes for some motorists. For the first time, traffic could flow both ways right around the central island, meaning that if one side was congested, the other side could take up the slack. It has now been made official and appears on direction signs on the approaches. Deal with them one at a time, ignoring the rest, and you too will come to be touched by Swindon's magic. Guide books that would otherwise have no reason to mention the place find room for a paragraph or two when this little junction is concerned. After a few days of Police control, in which time RRL researchers logged events from a crane-mounted camera, the experiment was branded a success. It didn't stop some drivers getting confused though, as there were a few cars sitting in the wrong lanes. If the contents of the castle are half as good as the grounds, you'd be nothing short of... Beautiful gardens but watch out for broken glass! This is an amazing and well kept park great for family and tourists to explore. There was evidence that there had been crashes in the past on the roundabout - including a bent fence and a wonky signpost. It is located between the Hythe and Greenstead areas of the town, with the A133 (St Andrew's Avenue); Avon Way; Greenstead Road and the A134 (Elmstead Road). It was supposed to be in Birmingham, but the Council there was unable to fund the scheme, and so the RRL was invited to try its new design at a congested roundabout near Swindon town centre. As Chris says, once you actually try one they're intuitive. Great play area kids love it castle is good more could be done with roman ruins great educational entertaining area only concern is idiots on bikes racing through non cycling areas, This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Canada. I parked up to observe the traffic for a while before trying it out myself, and was then pleasantly surprised to find that it was not too daunting by about the third pass! The design that was necessary in these constricted places, a very small central island and approaches that widened rapidly just before the roundabout itself, was actually providing better throughput of traffic than a conventional roundabout. The park is very well presented and extremely pretty! Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? Football fans can travel both ways round the roundabout for the hour or so needed. The Greenstead roundabout is a magic roundabout in Colchester, Essex.. )). He started to wonder if several small roundabouts could be linked to improve more complex junctions. The Colchester roundabout lacks the intermediate traffic islands found in Swindon, but nonetheless it is possible to traverse around the large inner roundabout in clockwise or an anti/counter-clockwise direction as desired. One of the best adventure play areas I have ever seen and out 3 year old son certainly agreed! In reply to There's a "magic roundabout"… by Wole Kolawole, Couldn't leave the intersection for 15 years? Is it the UK's most misunderstood junction? The Greenstead roundabout is a magic roundabout in Colchester, Essex.