But the car was inside the ditch and suddenly I got ministration from the Holy Spirit and boldly I told them to assist me to bring out the jeep. The oil flowed for seven days. Dolapo Awosika, his paramour, is not just your regular gorgeous woman but a UK-trained lawyer, TV presenter and rich celebrity who, reportedly, used to live in the billionaires’ lair -Banana Island -before she abandoned all to be with the illiterate prophet in the backwaters of Oyo State. It was 7,500 Naira when we voted but now it is about three times the same price. Nigerian-born Canadian Named Among Top 25 Influential Lawyers in Canada, Pictorial Highlights of Mrs. Titilayo Agbetuyi’s Glorious 60th Birthday, How Wole Soyinka Invaded Ibadan Radio Station and Why Court Freed Him, Meet Aisha Yesufu, the Hijab-wearing Crusader, Inside Niger’s ‘Miracle Centre’ Where ‘Witches’ Are Stripped Naked, NESG: Galvanising Engagements to Reform the Nigerian Economy, Ooni of Ife Remains Under My Authority - Alaafin of Oyo, 56 Years After, D. O Fagunwa's Son Writes On His Father, You Can’t Stop EFCC From Investigating You – Court Tells El-Rufai, Omo-Agege to Head Constitution Review Committee, Oil Price Crash: Makinde Promises to Cushion Effects of Reduced Federal Revenue, Diasporan Nigerians Can Travel Home With Their Foreign Passports as FG Launches New Visa Policy, Diasporan Nigerians with Dual Citizenships Can Now Visit Nigeria with Passport of their Adopted Countries, “I Was Rejected from the Womb but Today, I am a Licensed Pilot Courtesy of My Pastor”, European Investigators Describe $356m Failed Railways Contract as Nigeria’s Biggest Money Laundering Case, The Future of Work and the Work of the Future, Video: Protesters Set Orile Police Station Ablaze, Trump Set to Remove Sudan From State Sponsors of Terrorism List. But you were born Muslim? Before I was born, there was another prophecy that I was going to be a Nazarene from God. He sent for me and prayed for me and sought my father’s permission to take me to the mission house. Prior to her death, she told me of a message she was given while at the market where she sold her wares one day. She also revealed how the prophet who gave her the message also informed her that she would have to take some step to avert a situation in which she would not be alive to witness her son’s rise to stardom. God has really proved Himself in the ministry. And it is only God who can help. As  I grew, the anointing became overwhelming. After the usual salutation, I decided to introduce her as my mother only for big storm to take over and ensured that she was not there. Abiodun Akinlade on…, Famous Boxer Manny Pacquiao Bags A Degree, Gov. That was not all, a very renowned alfa, also came , he was the one who named me Muyideen, he personally  came to see my father and told him to take some steps so that those who paralysed my mother’s one arm would not be able to stop her from being witness to my day of glory. When you have God you will be able to do the impossible. Was it a Case dropping One hundred Naira and collect Fifty Naira. My mother died when I was 10 and naturally I was helpless and hopeless since there was nobody to take care of me. Imagine what’s happening with Customs, they now go to shops, forcefully open shops and confiscate rice that ordinarily they should have seized. Somebody will embezzle billions of naira and he would asked to pay N750,000 as bail. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. How did that happen? One thing you however cannot deny is the fact that he is indeed a man of God. Nigeria is at crossroads, some of us can only see the problems physically what do you see spiritually sir. But his situation soon changed. The scripture is true and perfect once you are on the Lord’s side. ‘’ There is an angel assigned to me at every situation, as you are talking now there is an angel beside me. If our leaders have the fear of God we will not have any problem. Every year he brought the best of his farm produce to the church. He also informed my father that I may not serve as a man of God through Islam but through Christianity.

They kill others, they kill themselves. Born in to a Muslim family in Oyo State, he has risen to a great height in Christendom and now goes by the title of a Prophet. But God has been good to me, God really like me.