The third area of the Office 365 Dashboard is the OneDrive section.

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Once your dashboard is created, we’ll show you how to share it with people by creating a Microsoft Group. We chose a Combo chart with Sales as a Clustered Column chart, and % Total as a Line chart plotted on the Secondary axis. Informacje te są umieszczone na jednym ekranie lub jednej kartce. Select any cell within your data range, and go to Insert > PivotTable > New Worksheet. In this step we'll show you how to set up a Microsoft Group to share your dashboard. This section will give you a look at some of your most recently visited SharePoint websites. Available right on the top of the page, you’ll find that this will link to the web versions of any apps or services that are covered under your subscription. For more details see our series on Formatting charts. Your place to create, communicate, collaborate, and get great work done.

Repeat for each of the remaining PivotTables. For this dashboard, we selected Category, Product Name, Employee and Customer Name. Next month, Microsoft Teams will be able to automatically remove background noise during video meetings, How to see everyone in a Microsoft Teams video meeting, How to password protect a folder or file in Windows 10, Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms feature rolling out in preview, How to share your screen in Microsoft Teams. Remote Learning in education. This will let you see it as tiles, or as a list. Microsoft 365 usage analytics is a template app that gives you access to a pre-built dashboard that provides a cross-product view of the last 12 months and contains a number of pre-built reports.