Analysis of every Redskins pick from John Keim. Henderson as a better cover guy than Jeff Okudah, the third overall pick. But for how long.

All day long. Instead we have a clipboard warrior, a part time FB and a 2nd maybe even 3rd string level TE, at least for the 2020 season, WTF!!! Not sure if it is my dust colored glasses but, for all the arm talent, Jordan Love throws a lot of soft balls. If the mindset of coordinators and GMs shifts to compensate for this, then you're too late to the party. I doubt Jefferson lights the world on fire as few rookie pass catchers do. Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU.

The 2016 NFL draft kicked off at 8 p.m. Agreed, nothing against the player but I really believe he still would have been there in the 5th or 6th.

Dougherty has always been "glass half full" with the Packers.

It's OK to be a copycat if you can execute.

4) Josh Jones (OT) It seems that way.

I am sure Gute did his homework. Finally, Jones all by himself on a 250 mill cruiser out in the middle of the ocean in quarantine , I guess he never read Poe's "Masque of the Red Death". ST maven. You never know if you get an opportunity at that perfect timing so the smart GM’s takes their chance when opportunity presents itself.

The talent is there and sitting behind Rodgers for couple seasons will help his development. Wow, Two years in a row our first pick will not start for us. Still, seems like they could have done multiple trade backs and still landed these guys, just like Gary last year. If I thought the Gary pick last year was mind boggling this one tops it. Dillon is a tough runner who should see a decent amount of work on the early downs.

Tough, physical hybrid defender, really need to get some meaningful snaps from 2-3 of these guys in rounds 5-7. When Rodgers was selected in 2005, he faced an embarrassing night in the green room as he fell in the first round.

His supporting cast wasn't very good, but he still fell into too many bad habits.

The Panthers went with Derrick Brown over Isaiah Simmons, in part because they have only two defensive tackles on the roster, and in part because they believed Simmons to be a better fit for an established team than one in a rebuild mode. The rich just got richer.

Finding a role on special teams, excelling in short yardage and developing his technique are critical. 23, they landed three-down linebacker Kenneth Murray. This team has too many other needs right now, short-term and long-term, especially with salary issues coming up. While he is a top rated prospect lets not lose the sight that DL is one of the hardest positions to come in and play well at for a rookie. With Lewis soon to be shown the door. OK back to business, I still think a 2 mill investment on a veteran, quick, slot type WR like Gabriel is the way to go. 4) Jake Fromm (backup QB with high football IQ enough arm for intermediate passes, manages RPO well) He forced too many balls into crowds and didn't ever give up on a play -- to a fault. The OL that were picked up had a lot of reps at the bench.

I'm trying to flip this in the MOST positive way I'm able. Yes I'm pissed, disappointed, shocked, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. We hired him to do so presumably, and now Gute is giving him the tools. This is football, so act like a football fan and not like a crybaby.

Dang....I didn't like the Gary pic last year and i sure as hell don't like this pic. or 6th and 2021 4th or whatever rate is) = DL or ILB

Which leads to the question "Can Green Bay's defense stop the run regardless how many players Gutekunst gives it?".

While this pick surprised me as much as others here on the board And we live in an instant gratification, win now mode.
Mel Kiper and Chris Sprow put a bown on the 2020 NFL draft. Although there was plenty of outside smoke about the Browns potentially trading for Washington veteran All-Pro Trent Williams to address their void at left tackle, they remained committed to drafting their left tackle of the future.

Aaron Rodgers has always played with a chip on his shoulder, and this might be another reason to do so. Maybe it would have happened, maybe not.

The Colts, who didn't have a first-round pick, are giving Philip Rivers some help at wide receiver. Good run defender Dillon’s lack of technique pressing the line of scrimmage is concerning and he won’t be able to shred NFL defenses just because he is big and fast.

If you trade up in the first round to take a QB, he better be the starting QB in the future. section: | slug: nfl-draft-2020-packers-follow-questionable-jordan-love-pick-by-going-running-back-over-receiver-in-round-2 | sport: football | route: |

It's the same thing Ted used to do. Dillon is capable of handling heavy workloads and wearing down defenses, but there is a concern from evaluators that it's taken a physical toll on him. The league is shifting back in this direction to compensate for smaller faster LBs and DL who are passing game specialists. We have not had a solid back up since Matt Flynn. He has had some major injury issues since 2015.

But we won’t know the answer for some time. NE | NO | NYG | NYJ | PHI | PIT | SF We could helped other position with the 3rd and still had there guy later. We should have taken a WR to stretch the defense and pose a threat and then 2 OLs to solidify the right side of the OL and on day 3 we could take our RB and TE to play with our rebuilt OL. Joe Burrow joins Scott Van Pelt to discuss being selected first overall and how ready he is to get to work in Cincinnati. Maybe an OT or ILB also. He lives for "Let's Make a Deal" , the Packers need a GM that just does what he can to help the team win games. WE no longer have to call Mr. Rodgers, Mister.

We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. Win now vs. future.

Goof could have had this guy at #30. They better produce. The Eagles made a bold move by selecting Jalen Reagor at No. I don’t know, I’d be happy if he’d been out 3rd round pick. The primary problems the Packers had in big games last year was overall team speed and the inability to stop the run. The right of the OL is in flux and Linsley can be pushed around. Analysis of every Raiders pick from Paul Gutierrez. Analysis of every Giants pick from Jordan Raanan. Rodgers days are numbered. Not that I can see the logic, but it makes me feel better if this is the group they're really happy with. As for the defense, we'll see what he can do with minimal cap resources. Rogers will still be playing at a very high level for two more years. The Packers clearly had a first-round grade on Love, perhaps he was their best player available.
This was a horrible utilization of 3 premium draft picks in a great draft year. By DustyEvely. Kyler Fackrell replacement. Game-Changing Play of the Week: Packers Collapse After Rodgers Pick 6, Madden Ratings for the 2019 Green Bay Packers, Pass-Catching Backs an Emphasis in LaFleur’s Offense, Pack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 356 - Packers 2019 Preview Part 2 - The Safeties, Cory's Corner: NFL Owners Don't Respect Safety. What you hope for and what you drafted is the case here. Let them have him--I'd rather get the multiple picks so we can improve the rest of our team.

— Andy Herman (@AndyHermanNFL) April 25, 2020, Both scout Mike Scott & A.J. The Green Bay Packers ended a shocking first two days of the 2020 NFL draft by selecting Cincinnati tight end Josiah Deguara with the 94th overall pick.

TE group upgraded.

A hard nosed runner like him is just what we need. And the irony is that, yes, all of this wild and uncharitable speculation about Gute and his monstrously huge ego IS EXACTLY what everyone said about Ted when he made possibly the greatest draft choice in Green Bay Packer history. Reached way to far on all 3 picks. That suggests they really didn’t like what they saw from the O as it was constituted last year. Patrick Queen was sitting there. It also meant passing on top wide receivers such as Clemson’s Tee Higgins and Baylor’s Denzel Mims. Analysis of every Rams pick from Lindsey Thiry. He'll be tested in 2020...if there are any games. This move speaks of the future.

Go Pack Go! The Falcons needed a starting-caliber cornerback after releasing Desmond Trufant, and A.J. Gibson is an absolute weapon and would have been able to give the Packers a versatile player who could do a lot of what Aaron Jones does. Rodgers was considered by many a number one pick in the draft. Trades were low, top 15 had almost no surprises, round 2 had very few surprise guys falling down the board... Gute shouldn't have been surprised by what was available. I fear Gute really messed this one up badly!

I’m coming to the belief that the powers that be have become convinced that the Rodgers era is closing faster than they thought before last season. Some of you should root for the Lions, because you clearly can’t tell a good GM from a bad one. for his sake I really would like to see him traded. 2 than in most drafts recently. Jordan Love (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images), Jordan Love (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images).