Emitter has an open source and a cloud variant, so you can easily play around before installing it on your own server(s). ClicData is a Business Intelligence software designed for different types of businesses and industries of all sizes. The software is providing the best solutions for applying real-time analytics and detailed segmented across your multiple marketing channels. Userlike combines website chat with mobile messaging. Woopra is a real-time commercial customer analytics service for marketing designed to assist organizations in optimizing customers’ behavior by providing data on individual website visitors and aggregate analytics reports of all visitors. This online IoT system offers Data Collection, Device Management, Visualization at one place. You can dive in-depth though performant data with unlimited levels of breakdowns, segment filers, data ranges, and applied search, and more to follow.


Forest Admin allows you to get to the admin panel up and running in a flash with all the service you can expect from an excellent product to bring productive results. Mouseflow is a paid analytical platform. It is best suited for companies that manufacture, integrate, or deploy IoT devices in the enterprise. Intertek is a full IoT software for a risk-free solution to users. Immediate access anytime from anywhere.

There is comprehensive documentation available that allows you to get through the running and installation procedure. Key features are Consent Management, Historic Traffic Import, A/B Testing, Audience Targeting, Marketing Intelligence, Traffic Verification, and Analytics and Reporting.

Switch to a better method of customer communication. Compare top PubNub competitors on SaaSworthy.com With access to bots, canned responses, even the ability to record a video, you'll scale your live chat so you can answer more questions, quickly -- even when agents are busy or away. In a modern era, these iot solutions is a very useful to bring new ideas.

Before going to the premium version of Plumb5, the users can go for a fifteen-day free trial to explore the features of the Plumb5 in advance.

This platform unifies the visitors’ behavior and advertising data and allows the users to increase the chances of success of marketing investment. The tool uses Microsoft Excel to get the job done, it has no proprietary file formats, and all the data are kept in an Excel workbook that makes collaboration much more comfortable.

Moreover, it offers multiple reports such as funnel reports, A/B test reports, revenue reports, and cohort reports to web owners that have a high impact on the success of the business. The software design is based on a programming model that prominently includes operation with cluster security using TLS encryption extensibility and various other improved usability features. Apart from the report system, its users can save notes and attach them to any previous date. Some main advantages of using Plumb5 are the helping tools that offer in the shape of gathering data at a centralized place, web analytics platform, scheduling of meeting, and much more in real-time.

IoT In a Box provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. Its multiple features, such as transitions, goals, e-commerce, page overlay, row evolution, and custom variables, give users the best way of organizing their marketing strategy.

Once their data are connected with software, they will be able to manage and manipulate them in any way. Moreover, it helps improve collaboration, task automation, and site management.

IoT based B2B digital health/fitness mobile cloud app builder platform for training and tracking patients diabetes, obesity, and health activities. In a chart and graph mode, the users of Histats.com can check for the new visitors, total visitors and page visited in a day. It is an analytics utility giving information for each web visitor, including the company, which pages they looked at, and other such stuff. Seebo is an Industry 4.0 SaaS platform with predictive maintenance and quality solutions that help manufacturers cut downtime, boost production yield, and minimize product faults.

It comes with a built-in web interface that allows the users to view the whole picture of their background processing, and the logging frameworks enable the users to catch errors early with zero configurations. GPS/RFID based tracking system - Trakom enhances the safety of students. Excellent product to build faster IoT / IIoT Applications. HubSpot's free live chat software helps you answer customer and prospect questions in real-time, the way they want to communicate. Embedding the script of StatCounter is very easy, and creating an account with StatCounter is simple too.


With Exago BI, users can easily create and manage different kinds of reports with advanced features.

The geo-aware feature of PubNub brings people together faster from different platforms, such as it connects people on a dating app. Unique design attracts the customers and creates traffic on that. Filament is an IoT software for establishing the business without wifi. Aricent is a complete iot platform for creating inventing design.

Technology leaders such as Uber, Twitter, and Netflix use it broadly. Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for sales and customer engagement teams to talk to prospects and customers on the website, mobile app, or social pages. By Nikunj Dudhat | Last Updated: October 20, 2020, You can sign in using any of your social media accounts from below.

Copyright © 2014-2020 Top Best Alternatives. It is effortless to install the A1WebStats on the website and get the real-time behavior of visitors on the site. With this analytic solution, users get formatted and interactive dashboards that claim highly scalable distribution and scheduling capabilities, as well as custom visualizations. It has a well-established partnership with solutions like IMB Maximo.

Everyware Cloud is an IoT software for dispersed devices and data. HappyFox Chat offers an amazing user experience and integrates with third party apps that you already use.

Survicate uncovers friction points and objections at various levels of the buying process. This way, you can quickly get your point across to your people through the more exciting and digestible method. All these platforms make the AWStats a universal level of the analytic channel that can be even used for different channels, also in addition to websites. The solution takes a different approach to measuring and analyzing the action or step taken by people who enter your system or application. It contains built-in monitoring that provides instant entrance to the data to understand real-time data stream. KloudRMS is a remote monitoring & management software, which helps you to monitor & track your equipment performance in real-time. For your customers, support agents, sales reps and managers.

Used to increase user performance, tight safety and require certifications. Reporting like segmentation, funnels, retention, and much more are part of its features. It easily integrates with various other platforms like E-commerce stores, Content management systems, and many more. The platform enables the users to view which customers are over or underperforming on the website and what exactly are their preferences. LogDNA offers documentation and online classes and also supports the user in business hours. The three main advantages of KISSmetrics are track people, better segmentation & campaign results, and retain the engaged visitors.

It allows you to pin out intent-based targeting and personalization by involving with web audiences at high time.