Python curtus brongesmai, present in Sumatra island as well as in Malaysia. These sound like no-brainer topics, but they’re often overlooked in the excitement of choosing that awesome new python. Also cases of predation of other reptilians are described. The authors would like to thank Curtis and Calvin Barber for their efforts at The Blood Cell. Short-tailed pythons are vocal snakes, so while some huffing and puffing should be expected, watch for open-mouthed breathing or gurgling that may indicate a respiratory infection. Hatchlings are typically lighter in appearance and darken considerably with age. Hatchlings are approximately 8 to 12 inches in length, and blood pythons are the chunkiest of the three as youngsters. Be deliberate when handling your blood python, and don’t grab at the snake or try to restrict its head. In blood pythons (P. brongersmai), the labial scales fill in the entire gap between the bottom of the eye and the lip - in Borneo short-tailed pythons (P. curtis) and Sumatran short-tailed pythons (P. breitensteini). It is an animal reaching the maximum length of 270 cm, but with much more modest averages, around the 150 cm, and in fact a 180 cm long specimen is already to be considered as a big one. All of these factors can lead to excessive soaking. Make sure the rat is not uncomfortably hot to the touch before feeding your snake. Our first choice of substrate is layered kraft paper. We maintain our bloods and short-tails at humidity levels of 60 to 70 percent. When kept too wet, they develop crinkly skin, and the chances of respiratory problems increase. Authors who elevate these island populations to species note that skins are readily distinguished. Confident handling is important in building rapport with your blood or short-tailed python. Healthy bloods and short-tails that are kept correctly do not normally experience problems with defecation. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt geändert um 18:28, 22. Keep handling sessions short, sweet and consistent when working with juveniles, and try to end them on a positive note, with the snake relaxed and calm. It preferably predates small and medium sized rodents, but, particularly in wetlands, it does not disdain the batrachians. Bauchseits ist der Blutpython gelblich bis cremefarben. Der Körper ist äußerst kräftig und gedrungen gebaut und endet in einem sehr kurzen, spitz zulaufenden Schwanz, der auch als Greiforgan fungiert. They bite. They live in these larger boxes for most of the next year, before they are moved into an Iris CB-70 box, a popular tub with approximate dimensions of 33 inches in length by 17 inches wide and 5 inches tall. Der Blutpython erreicht eine Körperlänge von 150 bis 170 cm, selten auch über 200 cm. This subspecies features eyes with a standing out iris due to its red or orange colour. Visit them at This subspecies features eyes with a standing out iris due to its red or orange colour. Die Temperatur des Wassers sollte nur geringfügig niedriger sein wie die Lufttemperatur. Also, don’t leave a rat belly-down on a heating pad for too long. Apr 2012. Let your snake grow accustomed to gentle handling on a consistent basis, and you will quickly build trust with that animal. Der Blutpython sucht immer die Nähe zu Gewässern. While we start our hatchlings on live hopper mice, within a few meals they switch to pre-killed fuzzy rats offered off tongs once a week. Supporting the snake’s body weight with both hands and forearms (for larger snakes) will help accomplish this. They range in color from dusky brown to jet black, with black, gray or silver heads. These snakes love to soak and will do so if you provide a container large enough. We continue to offer appropriately sized rats on a weekly basis as our snakes mature. Three subspecies are recognized, including the nominate subspecies described here, although some authors describe these as species. courtesy : This taxon has since been elevated and recognised as a full species, Python brongersmai, by Pauwels et al. Der Kopf setzt sich deutlich vom Körper ab. Haltung: […] We enjoy photographing our blood pythons regularly, to record their color changes over the years. [2], Oviparous, females seldom lay more than a dozen large eggs (however, much larger clutches have been reported). Prior to adulthood, blood pythons may go through a gradual, yet significant, color change. Python curtus curtus, with a much darker colour and present in the island of Sumatra, in its western part. * Alle Preise inkl.

The three species of short-tailed pythons can be distinguished by small differences in head scalation. In the very few stories we’ve heard of “constipated” bloods, there were other contributing factors, such as dehydration, incorrect temperatures, overfeeding or a combination of these things. We’ve heard a lot of comments about blood and short-tailed pythons during our decade-long obsession with them, most of which aren’t very flattering to the snakes or encouraging to interested keepers!

The Borneo and Sumatran short-tails are typically docile, beautiful, laid-back snakes as well, regardless of their “guilt by association” with blood pythons. A good cage is environmentally stable and escape-proof. We think this is another great characteristic of these snakes — we spend less time cleaning python poop and more time enjoying our pythons! Nach frühestens zwei Monaten kommt es bei den Jungschlangen zur ersten Häutung. The mouth, which can be widely open, as equipped with long and hooked teeth, turned backwards, turned towards the back, and this guarantees a firm and efficacious grip on the seized animal, after which the reptilian wraps quickly the body of the prey with its coils, and finally increases the tightening. Primarily from Malaysia, they were reported to be untrusting creatures that were unpredictable even after years in captivity. Sumatran short-tailed pythons (P. curtus) are also found on Sumatra, but in the southern and western parts of the island. With this in mind, we still recommend skipping those that are especially defensive, biting excessively or thrashing about. Nach einer Tragezeit von etwa 60 Tagen legt das Weibchen zwischen fünf unf fünfzehn Eier. Within the past 10 years, most imported blood pythons have originated from Sumatra. Schlegel, 1872. die Community: Diskussions-Forum und Chat - Lern nette Leute kennen! They eat big meals. This will make the acclimation process easier on both of you. Die Geschlechtsreife erreicht der Blutpython mit etwa drei bis vier Jahren. Despite a modest length, however, its weight may be remarkable, thanks to its substantial diameter. Soiled bedding is always replaced when needed. 1 Beschreibung. We feed medium or large rats to snakes that are 4 to 5 feet in length, and weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. Das Durchschnittsalter beträgt etwa 15 Jahre, in Gefangenschaft kann ein Blutpython durchaus auch 25 Jahre alt werden. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>,,,
Don’t hesitate to ask any seller plenty of questions when choosing a blood python. Then, the prey is swallowed, as usual, from the head and the ingestion is, at times, a long and laborious process, during which the serpent is particularly vulnerable to its natural foes.

Correct humidity for bloods and short-tails isn’t a mystery or a challenge — it’s a simple balancing act.