See the SharePoint Tech Community blog for more information. Privacy Policy However, Microsoft has extended service for another five years. The end of support date for version 1810 has been delayed from May 27, 2020, I hope this information will help you to know about the SharePoint product end of support roadmap. This article will give an overview of SharePoint server 2007 (MOSS 2007) end of life, SharePoint 2010 end of life and SharePoint 2013 end of life and SharePoint 2016 end of life details. It's no surprise that Microsoft has been relentlessly steering users toward SharePoint Online -- and by extension Office 365 -- for the better part of a decade, with the ultimate goal of retiring as many on-premises systems as possible that are less profitable and more difficult to support. Cookie Preferences and post date period is known as End of Support where Microsoft will no longer provide: Now, we should understand what Microsoft’s mainstream and extended support mean? In March, we announced that we would pause optional non-security update releases
SharePoint End of Support Roadmap (various versions), What’s Next? You can check the SharePoint 2007 end of life, SharePoint 2010 end of life, SharePoint 2013 end of life, SharePoint 2016 end of life. Windows Server, version 1809 (Datacenter, Standard).

The end of support date for these products has been delayed from October 13, 2020, to April 13, 2021. The final security update for these editions will be released on May 11, 2021, Commerce customers to pause updates for an extended period. Today, Microsoft continues to add features to its products with many of them aimed at its cloud systems to encourage customers to leave their on-premises systems behind. Discuss with the TSInfo Technologies team and Microsoft MVPs. As a member of the global community, we want to contribute to reducing the stress our customers face right now. (Migrate to SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server 2019), Need help with Migration? Sign-up now. get information about latest SharePoint tutorials, trainings, videos and FREE webinar. See Windows Message Center for more information. supported SQL Server Cumulative Updates (CUs) out by one month. Read... Mastercard data exec highlights the foundational role of enterprise data governance during the pandemic era with more people ... More powerful server hardware is coming to the Exadata database service, bringing increased scalability and throughput for ... Celonis released the Execution Management System, which enables companies to automate actions in operational processes, improving... Unit4 said people-focused companies need people-centric ERP platforms. No problem! I also run popular SharePoint web site Extended supports comes after mainstream support period. Mainstream support includes security updates to address bugs and requests to change product design and features.