These state that the colored lasers fire at the rail of the same color, even though all rails are the same color in-game. Check the talk page for unused voice clip "candidates". ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグだ!とにかく、じっとしちゃいられない。だれも追いつくことはできないぜ!ある日、オレは街で謎の液状生命体と出会った。カオスっていうのか?コイツ。...どうやら悪の科学者、Dr.エッグマンが一枚噛んでるらしいな。ハン、面白いことになってきた!エッグマンの思い通りにはさせないぜ!どうだ?オレについてこられるか?オレはソニック!Sonic the Hedgehog! An alternate Invincibility theme that was used for numerous pages on the website. There's a section in Final Fortress where some large robots gather up, arguably the hardest non-boss fight, as well as the last one. Then, during my journey of collecting the shards, I've been seeing mysterious visions. There is a number of tracks in the Jingles section of the Sound Test that aren't used anywhere else in the game: There are tracks in this section labeled JINGLE A to JINGLE E that seem to have been used for the now-defunct Sonic Adventure Homepage. May have played when Sonic fails to catch Eggman when he's about to escape the Egg Carrier. Voice actor. Miscellaneous taunts by Eggman, including a custom one for each team. and a woman NPC yelling when Egg Walker falls down). Some lines hint that there used to be an attack that made Metal Sonic invisible. The Chao Container is more than likely an earlier name of the transporters found in the final. Meant to play during the boss battles. Lots of NPC quotes found in Tails' story, supposedly meant to be heard either during the cutscene where Eggman launches the missile or the cutscene before the Egg Walker boss battle. Several unused Tikal voice-overs are on the disc that imply many more hints were planned to appear. Master's orders are absolute. Why are you leaving? One day, when I was flight testing the new plane model that used the Chaos Emerald's power, its energy was too strong, and the plane ended up crashing! Can't be heard as it's an area he can't normally access. Well my friend, you have come to the right place. It's unknown when and where she would have said this. In the second team battles, both teams can use Team Blast at any point, provided the energy gauge is full. One of many lines intended for Perfect Chaos. The final just has a short cutscene of the Egg Carrier flying towards the mountains. The Sonic the Hedgehog film marks the first time since prior to Sonic Adventure that Kanemaru did not provide the Japanese voice of Sonic. Nationality A partial restoration (no music) of the homepage can be seen here. First off, voice clips for lines that have different variations, depending on the controls of the platform used, are present in all ports of the game. This Master Emerald must have a terrible secret...! A warning about Gohla, likely referring to the badnik formerly known as Sol. The Japanese equivalent of this line is used in Gamma's AutoDemo stage. I guess you have your reasons." Some of his most popular songs are "Suddenly" and "Shall We Walk Together". The player automatically lets go of the rocket in-game. Chaos 4/6. Jun'ichi Kanemaru at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.