If for any reason the 180 day schedule does not work for your family, the author invites you to slow it down. ~ Janice. Units include: From Sea to Shining Sea, Over the Mountains, Battling on Land and Sea, Across the Nation, In the South, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Growing Tensions, A Gathering of Days, Into the Midwest, Across the Plains and Beyond, and Along the Trail. In Strawberry Girl the personality of Birdie Boyer comes alive, and the reader understands how a girl from early twentieth-century rural Florida might have lived, thought, and felt. How do we know there's learning taking place?

She doesn't want you to lose sight of the goal developing a love of learning. A wonderful adventure! grades 4-8). .” Strawberry Girl is Lenski’s attempt to bring to life the little-known history of pioneer living during the early 1900s. Each of these volumes is written to and prepared for the teacher. Call: A scripture passage is read together and discussed (talking points provided). They have a notion to grow strawberries and sweet potatoes and oranges to sell. Second, there are detailed daily lesson plans. A World of Adventure (Book 1) covers Ancient Egypt through the Age of Exploration. Starting with an overview of world history up to the point that American history begins, she continues with a closer, more specific American history study through the remaining time periods. Memory work, presentations, and games each provide possibilities. Another pack in the Fragmented Soul Universe. Rather, students are encouraged to keep notebooks compiled over several years state studies, country studies, US Presidents, etc. The studies are designed to be flexible not taskmasters. Accordingly, in this curriculum, informational input is in the form of readable talking points amidst an environment of warm and snuggly parent/student interaction; learning together, reading together, creating together, working together and recording together. What about output? In this literacy and economics lesson, students read two chapters of the book, talk about their journal entries, and research the history of transportation in Florida. In fact, games are such a positive output meter that Book 1 has its own accompanying game Worlds of Adventure Game which features laminated game boards (3), game pieces (for 2-8 players) and Question and Answer Booklets (3300 questions total).

Retail: $7.99. Sixth, book lists and materials-needed lists (easy-to-find stuff) are clearly presented at the beginning of each unit. . In the foreword to Strawberry Girl (Harper Trophy, 1973), author Lois Lenski writes, “Few people realize how new Florida is. A lot of thought and consideration has gone into the development of these studies. Strawberries-Big, Ripe, and Juicy. 1.888.841.3456, Email: By browsing this site you accept cookies used to improve and personalize our services and marketing.

This is a novel study for Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski. Third, the curriculum itself provides the predominant amount of instructional material needed. The neighbors scoff at their ideas, saying that they can't grow anything in Florida. The scope and sequence for each subject area - language arts, history/geography, fine arts, and Bible (character training) is just as comprehensive and thorough and as well-organized. I spent a number of minutes just staring at the impressive stack of papers that constitutes each of these volumes.

They generally have an organized structure or flow and incorporate as many subject areas as possible. Cancel, The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Scripture memory work is listed. Book 3 is more than 1200 pages. Birdie Boyer, just ten-years-old, is convinced that they can, if only they could keep everyone else's animals away from their crops!

For one thing, they can be adapted to include either younger or older siblings. All information is secure inside of Rainbow. First of all, there's a very comprehensive and thorough organizational structure. Briefly, it's a thematic or topical approach to teaching as opposed to the traditional by-subject approach. Students read two chapters of Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski and complete activities about Florida's transportation history. Detailed, yes, but flexible. The five-year scope and sequence is enough to take your breath away. The weather is unpredictable with unbearable heat, droughts and cold snaps that threaten their crops.

Immediately download the Strawberry Girl summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching Strawberry Girl.

She's done her best to provide everybody moms and students alike with the means of making it such. This novel study divides Strawberry Girl into five sections for study. It is a delightful story that chronicles the struggles and achievements of a Floridian pioneer family during that period. Strawberries-Big, Ripe, and Juicy. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info.

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Obviously History (the study of events) and Science (the study of "things") are well-suited to unit studies, and usually form the "core" around which other subjects are integrated.

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That's what author Dorian Holt believes that learning should be.
It's really important to start with the first book, Mrs. Holt explains. The stuff is organized around a chronological historical study, employs quality age-appropriate literature and a plethora of "real books," incorporates a biblical and Christian worldview along with a Bible and character study, allows the student the satisfaction of in-depth inquiries into a wide breadth of science topics, provides lots of hands-on activities, and wraps it all up with the necessary language arts skills.