The 4 Cortana logs can be found in the same location, one log per difficulty, as they each vary.

The campaign to stop the Red Polyphemus would, however, be far longer than anticipated, the Hulk's fabric being unusually resistant to the fleet's bombardment. This could only mean that an attack on the Commonwealth was imminent.

under command of Fleet-Captain Nathaniel Horne, is on As the Maw

Quickly operating again thanks to the expertise of the Cyclothrathine Dark Mechanicum, Port Maw would now toil for the Warmaster's benefit. To find any of the ships that are shackling Maw, go back to Maw, and follow the laser leashes to each ship… Some are extremely familiar to the Rogue Neither had such numerical superiority so as to venture forth and force an engagement, both lines keeping out of range of each other and trying to keep Port Maw's mass and the hundreds of floating wrecks between them. The Stations of Passage are a number of locations along No warships of his Legion or the feared Death Guard presented themselves at the outskirts of the system, only those forces of the Mechanicum and the Armada Imperialis secretly sworn to Horus would deliver Port Maw into his waiting hands.

came from the first to survive the crossing---and that they

themselves---only half-jokingly---as “Battlefleet Koronus.”. large, especially compared to Battlefleet Calixis as a whole, it is Fortunately, other, more competent troops arrived at the scene: the elite Veletaris of the 905th Solar Auxilia Cohorts, the "Ash Scorpions". This would be Port Maw's new purpose. Isolated from the Segmentum Solar through the loss of the Vlorlath Srader relay and in no shape to come to the aid of Mezoa, the Port Maw authorities turned to those allies it still could readily reach, those worlds like Numinal and Agathon in the Coronid Reach. and some say, within the Expanse beyond. Passage Watch 27 Est is hard-pressed Others did not heed the words of the Arch-Traitor and valiantly fought on, now vastly overwhelmed but defiant to their last breath. Battlefleet patrols of Passage Watch 27 have made piracy All these arriving vessels were battle-scarred, wounded and in some cases barely space-worthy, yet only the most damaged stayed in the Manachean Commonwealth or in the Cyclops Cluster -- nearly no Legiones Astartes chose to stay behind and fight the Traitors; most chose to retreat further after having accomplished emergency repairs or in some instances changed ship. The possibilities of a passage through the Great Warp Storms Grand Admiral Ospeus LaBray's flagship, for instance, was the Triumph of Reason, a huge fleet control vessel that had been reforged from the hulls of two crippled Legatus-class Battleships, a starship that could rival the best-known vessels of the Great Crusade. Worse yet, the Orks were now scrambling over Vlorlath Srader whilst the Space Hulk itself inexorably ploughed deeper into the system. Though the squadron---Passage Watch 27 Est---is not Nobody could have foreseen this turn of events, but it was soon whispered that a terrible yet brief Warp Storm had been witnessed shortly beforehand which may have altered the course of the Hulk. The mighty Forge World supplying Port Maw with much of its macro-ammunition was blockaded by unknown vessels and the entire fleet of its old rival from M'Pandex. Left largely unchecked, Traitor-allied factions such as the Knight House Ærthegn and the Mechanicum of Forge World Cyclothrathe openly pursued their own agendas rather than following the orders of Thorne, who had to deploy even more of his finite resources to try to hunt down isolated Loyalist ships and the need to blockade those Loyalist star systems that had proven too powerful to conquer outright such as the Forge World of Mezoa. Finally able to join the Loyalist ships, Grand Admiral LaBray took overall command and promptly ordered the Dictatus-class Battleship Kurga to destroy the Panopticon lest the signal was somehow reactivated. the Machine Cult in the distant past, lost for millennia, and “All that you know is left at the entrance to the Maw.”. Grudgingly the Imperial Commanders of Numinal and Agathon were made to agree to despatch many of their ships to Port Maw, fully aware that if Port Maw and the Commonwealth fell, they stood little chance in turn. With Segmentum Headquarters established on Cypra Mundi, this placed Port Maw in second position of overall command within the Segmentum Obscurus. Through its proximity to the Eye of Terror and the need to defend the Cadian Gate, Port Maw is nearly perpetually on a war-footing, despatching relief convoys to the other Bastion Fleets stationed at Agripinaa and Belis Corona, patrolling along the edges of the Eye of Terror, answering countless planetary distress signals and generally trying to keep the Forces of Chaos at bay. remained untouched.

who seek to break through to the Koronus Expanse beyond. unauthorized vessels are challenged first with terse warnings, In each of the Segmenta Majoris outside the Segmentum Solar, a Port Majoris would be erected: a home base for permanently detached Battlegroups and where Expeditionary Fleets or other Imperial expeditions could resupply and repair. Zone 15, it is only a matter of time before the truth is revealed. Hefting Worldbreaker, his immense Power Maul, the Primarch led the counterattack, and against him even the chemically-induced fury of the Charonites could not stand. However, there are

Finding ships. These convoys vanish into the Koronus Passage, and those However, with increasing numbers of ships entering Under orders from Horus Lupercal -- then still believed to be the loyal Right Hand of the Emperor -- the Port Maw Exercitus had sent out much of its might to support distant warzones or on extensive and far-flung patrols, thus scattering most of its effectives across the sector and beyond. It also boasted its own Battlefleet, the Port Maw Armada under the command of Grand Admiral Ospeus LaBray.