The original 1958 pressing of Buddy Holly's That'll Be The Day album, released by Decca Records a year before the rock and roll pioneer was killed in a plane crash, will set you back $1,500 in mint condition, while used copies with slight imperfections go for around $1,000.
But thanks to a new generation of music fans discovering the world of LPs, it means that your old collection could be worth a mint to the right buyer. A signed copy of the album can fetch up to £173 on eBay while an original will sell for around £37. The 15-second video platform explained, Five years on, Jay-Z’s Tidal is still fighting to make waves, Apple AirPods Pro back down to $220 at Verizon — but not for long. Plans were made to issue a 3-LP boxed set and Original mono pressings from 1957 are worth up to $3,100. Clyde McPhatter cut his teeth in Wardâ, Backed by the Pleasers, this was another single from Aladdinâ, Another fine example of doo wop vinyl gold, The Jiversâ, This great UK psych single had a home in John Peelâ. One of the rarest northern soul singles, itâ. ", "Who Bought The Most Expensive Album Ever Made? 04611236, We use cookies to personalize and improve your experience on our site. Just 1000 copies were pressed of this 12â, Whether or not you can be bothered with the â, Apparently this sample was made up back in 1977 in case Virgin fell foul of a legal challenge for using Jamie Reidâ, Having a bit of seasonal fun, Virgin records pressed up these flexi-discs and sent them out to journalists at Christmas 1977.
As you’d expect, mainstream rock and pop acts like The Beatles, Queen and Madonna are well to the fore, but they’re rubbing shoulders with obscurities and one-hit wonders from all genres and eras. Original 1956 pressings are especially lucrative, realizing up to $2,200 at auction. This single was unissued and only white label test pressings exist. While it's the obscure records by niche bands that are worth the most, we've had a rummage around on eBay to find out which popular ones are the most valuable - and some of them could be worth more than £2,000. not broken, no big scratch, not missing cover, etc…).THAT would be interesting to know, dear Discogs people… ;-). All prices have been converted to USD based on exchange rates at the time of sale. There are only 100 copies of this withdrawn CD video in circulation, hence its value to U2 completists. See the full list, below. A tape of The Quarrymen performing live sold for £78,500. Mick Dunford went on to join Renaissance, while Terry McCullough ended up joining The Animals. Only 200 copies of this 7” EP by punk band The Queers were ever produced, and when a copy of the 1984 recording does come up for auction, collectors fall over themselves to bid for it. They must have known it would become a collectors item when they named a track Message From The Year 2000! In the end the vinyl, which had never been played, sold for £2,050 on eBay. Edited by Bob Guccione Jr. Only vinyl and nothing after 1991. Originally owned and stored by Ringo Starr, the record was sold by the Beatle at auction for $790,000 in 2015, according to Guinness, a sum that remains the most ever paid for a commercial album. Octopus was merely a working title for No copies come with a picture sleeve. Learn how to use Discogs to price and sell your vinyl records online. Joe Meek fans will probably pay more for test pressings of this unreleased album on his Triumph label. Stereo copies of this 1961 album by rock and roll artist Del Shannon are extremely thin on the ground – only 80 are thought to have been pressed. Check out these 51 sought-after records and get searching. View our online Press Pack. While the original release was scuttled, the album received a great deal of critical praise upon re-elease, with many fans citing James’ prescient look into the future of dance music. Nr 21 on the list is a tape, not a record. Marc Bolan and Rick Wakeman having fun, with Tony Visconti playing bass and singing backing vocals!

Find out how much your record is worth to a collector by checking the same or similar albums under “sold listings” on eBay. Original stereo copies are worth up to an incredible $35,000, and mono copies sell for up to $15,000 in mint condition. Mint copies of the original 78 rpm from 1937 go for up to $6,000. From Pink Floyd to Kate Bush, Jimi Hendrix to Ozzy Osbourne these are the albums that have sold for the most cash at auction. This album by renowned Delta blues harmonica player Frank Frost is ultra-rare. Only a single copy of famed French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre’s Musique Pour Supermarche (Music For Supermarkets in English) was ever pressed, made as part of a supermarket-themed art exhibit in Paris in 1983.

110 (90) U2 4 U2 PLAY £1,000.00 (1982, CBS PAC 1) CBS Ireland milked their slim catalogue. However, certain editions that feature four additional tracks are insanely valuable. When she signed to Deconstruction in 1993, Kylie recorded eight songs with The Rapino Brothers, but plans for an album were shelved.

This whopping price has been paid for one-off red or yellow vinyl copies in picture sleeves. Shel Talmy, this is another Bowie rarity. Only 50 of the albums, which were originally released in March 2013, were launched via a lottery at the end of 2018 in a bid to raise money for the Children's Emergency Fund.