User level, what is the minimum level for commands use (from everyone - Super Moderator). Response: $tousername, you followed $mychannel on readapi($touserid).
«!Love @moobot», «!Love Twitch», «!Love hamburgers», etc. You can also adjust who can use the chat command, and who can set the Twitch streamer in the shout-out. due to issues out of our control. Infoxen is a market leader in IT consulting & software solutions imbibed with advanced technological innovations such as AI and machine learning with a team of techno enthusiasts and domain experts. Usage: !twitch notif add [discord_channel] [streamer_name] [message] Sets the Live Role for the current server. With the «!Shoutout» chat command you can shout-out a Twitch streamer directly from Twitch chat. Examples: Response: readapi( Shows info about the specified Twitch channel. Response: The top 5 users based on hours: $tophours(5).

Usage: !twitch info, View a list of available translations. Do you use a VPN? Note: You can direct the response of a command to another user like this: ToBeOrNotToBot: @jyktest – Today’s set list: [1] Slopes Of Uncertainty [2] Abstract Anomaly. make it " sa " with a space either side and give that a try, it works for a whole lot of other scripting so should work here too, hoping to see chat commands on facebook someday. Examples: Shows basic help and information about Streamcord. Description: Returns the members of a specified team. Usage: !twitch lr set role This enables you and your Twitch mods to edit the command from Twitch chat by using the chat command like «!Command Text...», where «Command» is the name of the command, and «Text...» its new response text. Don't enter the entire link, and don't @ a Discord user. Response: $mychannel has been live for $uptime. Commands are usually prefixed with an exclamation mark View a list of available translations.

That way it doesn't have to keep being the same forever. Default commands are the commands that come built-in to Botisimo.

• !twitch notif list #announcements, Send a preview message for a notification in the current channel. To enable your Twitch mods to use the chat command you must activate the «Can be used by Twitch chat moderators» checkbox. To list the top 5 users having most points or currency.

Add a streamer notification to your server.

We recommend setting up Live Role via the dashboard. This will return the latest tweet in your chat as well as request your users to retweet the same. Fortunately, you can activate the «Search for the category if the given category name was not found» checkbox, and Moobot will then attempt to find the correct game for you. ... (user being their twitch username, and x being the ammount of points) - Then it sends the user their points and updates the leaderboard. One of our jobs at Stream Builds is to help guide streamers in the right direction on how to add useful and funny chat commands. We recommend setting up notifications via the dashboard.

Some of its commands come with the customized settings that enable you to personalize the result of your query you execute and all those commands are mentioned in our document.

Shows basic help and information about Streamcord.

The «!Commands» chat command will link your viewers to a public list of all your available chat commands. Does !watchtime count the total time including when you didnt have the bot in chat before?
Enter a valid language code from the language help command.