The Scarlet Chorus were promised captured enemies for recruitment, yet none survived the onslaught. Grant Disfavored slaves to the Scarlet Chorus.

Since you aided the production of weapons, commanders of both armies lobbied for additional arms. (Go to stage: 2.2), You noticed that some of the Chorus soldiers are fighting aside the defenders. No matter which area you chose, Kyros will let you proclaim a edict to destory that area. Each choice you make affects your character and how major factions of the Tiers respond to you. Built upon a natural harbor at the crossroads between realms, the city was a nexus of commerce. History would remember the Gates of Judgment as the first battle of the Conquest, but the real combat unfolded with advance units of both armies preparing for the coming war. Can obtain the Emotion Sigil during chapter 2 speaking with Blood Mulch. It is an important part of the character creation system, however, it isn’t something that is required for you to do. At this stage of the campaign, it was vital to use any advantage that would mitigate ally losses. Prenant le principe des RPG classiques à contre-pied, Tyranny vous place dans la peau non pas d'un parangon de vertu, mais bel et bien d'un salopard. Since the Stalwart defenders refused to surrender, a gesture was needed to instill fear. Both of the armies had inspired schemes to take the Bastard City. The Cairn, Archon of Stone destroyed the land of Azure, including fields that provided food to the Scarlet Chorus. Troops were plentiful, but food was scarce.

The Disfavored were outraged, citing tradition that their armor passed only to next of kin within the army. If the elite of Kyros' army could not return on their own, then there was no sense in wasting the lives of the Scarlet Chorus to find them.

The third act of the Conquest. Description: you summon a cloud of smoke which affects your opponent's vision. The Disfavored placed a modest garrison in the settlement of Lethian's Crossing. The Scarlet Chorus agreed to your generous terms, and you set to poring over every manuscript before it was handed over. You received word from Graven Ashe thanking you for your decision. What's more, the weather showed no sign of dissipating. If you select the latter, you will never see her body but the Archon will mark some weak points of your enemy. Its symbolic status as a gateway to the continent made it a natural first target in Kyros' military conquest. Its inhabitants were known as the School of Ink and Quill, a circle of mages that, centuries ago, carved out their own mountainous refuge on lands unsettled by the other major realms.Legends said that the Citadel housed a treasure trove of arcane knowledge. Your former enemies were loath to part with their lands, but they were even more reluctant to continue a war they were losing at every turn.

A flurry of wind and rain whipped through the rolling plains and craggy canyons, turning rocks, uprooted trees, and hapless soldiers into hazardous shrapnel. Several evenings later, one of the so-called spies shambled into the Scarlet Chorus camp and requested an audience with the Voices. Several units of Disfavored, who fought the enemy in spite of the advancing storm, were caught up in the Overlord's magic. The Scarlet Chorus had the advantage of numbers and speed. The Disfavored call the Chorus a liar. They requested the Chorus to find out what happened to their men, but the Chorus was not willing to for the missing soldiers.
The Disfavored took offense to savages being permitted to join Kyros' military. Tyrant: Reach Fear 5 with a companion. Is! Those who won the contests took a greater share of provisions, and sellswords of merit were invited to join Kyros' army. However, when an ominous tide of Oldwalls predators assaulted the city in previously unseen numbers, it took the full force of the Scarlet Chorus to repel the attack. When an enthralled Disfavored soldier joined her cult, his company feared that the Archon was growing out of control and needed to be stopped. [Spoilers] Advice for Conquest for each path. Regardless of the army that you decide to send, evidence will not be found until Cairn confesses himself.

The Scarlet Chorus wanted him flayed and staked as an example. The loss of soldiers was a significant setback to the Scarlet Chorus' conscription efforts. The time was ripe to send a detachment to the great library fortress, and force the scholars to yield to Kyros. Lacking in suitable armor, the Scarlet Chorus would retain what they had collected. You tainted the Beasts' watering hole, then led a Disfavored sweep through their den, slaughtering the wild but weakened pack in a savage mass execution. Tyranny. The Disfavored don't like the idea, as it goes against Hegemon's rules. They couldn't risk the Voices of Nerat's secrets falling into the wrong hands. Additionally, you ordered that Disfavored camp slaves be given to the Chorus to make up for the losses suffered. The choices you make in the Conquest section of your character’s creation will help determine how the Scarlet Chorus, Disfavored, and even Tunon feel about you. The army hoped that the gesture would foster an air of partnership for the occupation to come. If they weren't equal to the challenge of defending their brethren, then they had no place in this Conquest. You lent your skills to the elite Disfavored scouts to capture a border garrison.

You will learn more about Archon Cairn's betrayal if you chose Azure. Though you attempted to reason with the Scarlet Chorus, they refused to limit their numbers, insisting strength in numbers was their core tactic, and your proposal insulted their values. Cairn, Archon of Stone, buried the stronghold under an avalanche triggered from the surrounding mountains. How did you assist in the fall of the Bastard City? None of the armies is eager to send their troops to death. The Scarlet Chorus was in need of extra troops to fill up the vanguard, and your former enemies would occupy those slots nicely. Perhaps the contents might have proven useful, but that was nothing to observing Kyros' law. Tyranny. The local Beastmen were subdued and yoked to iron-bearing wagons, where their boundless strength and tirelessness proved critical to the smith-mages. (Go to stage: 3.1), While the Disfavored were looking for the Cairn, the Chorus made the Disfavored mages to assist them.

Lacking an outlet to settle scores or deal with pent-up hostility, tensions flared between commanders and recruits who were forced to act against their better nature and communicate. This proved an inconvenience to the Scarlet Chorus, who relied on their force of numbers to be effective in the field. Of course, both decisions will make one of the sides angry, and you will have to remind everyone who is in charge. The plans that came to light proved divisive to the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus. Shocked by your clemency, the enemy captain vowed to deliver his message in full, and paid his respects before departing for his encampment. The armies of Kyros left the devastation of the Vellum Citadel in silence.
As a wave of screams and incoherent pleas reached their crescendo, the Scarlet Chorus soldiers outside cheered for their Archon. The Scarlet Chorus agreed to transfer Sirin's latest recruits to the front lines of the Apex campaign. Once the prisoner was disassembled, the butchers took great pleasure in reassembling his parts with stitching, cloth, and wooden poles - fashioning a crude totem of disorder. The bloody work continued day and night, but the Disfavored were intent on uncovering the source of Beastman power.

The few that survived the attacked were conscripted by the Scarlet Chorus.

If you ask the Disfavored to share their supplies, they will be very unhappy. You congratulated the Disfavored and encouraged the Scarlet Chorus to better value their soldiers' lives - a suggestion that gang bosses took worse than the original offense. You consigned the survivors of battle to their subservient role among Graven Ashe's noble troops. There are 3 possible locations: Stalwart; Vellum Citadel; You ordered them to deploy their numerous scouts to scour the countryside and find the alleged traitor Cairn. You agreed with the Disfavored plan and sent the enemy captain back with a message.

Rallying an experienced gang under your control, you flooded the unprotected settlements with a deluge of bloodthirsty soldiers, rounding up the innocent for merciless rites of conscription.

The Disfavored needed slaves to haul their gear, dig latrines, and keep their pallets warm at night. There are 3 possible locations: Stalwart; Vellum Citadel; Azure; Stalwart. You sentenced the mage to return to his former duties - this time as a slave - and sternly instructed everyone to get back to work. In Scarlet Chorus tradition, you sent the latest batch of cultists to the front lines of the Apex campaign. The Scarlet Chorus recruits bearing legion gear were identified, rounded up, and flogged in the Disfavored camp. The Chorus, on the other hand, were emboldened by the decree, and considered you an honorable patron of arcane inquiry. 0. All those who surrendered or cooperated would be treated with deserving respect as subjects of Kyros' Peace.

One of Kyros' smith-mages swore allegiance to the Scarlet Chorus.

In a debate of tradition versus practicality, you had to rule in favor of one army over another. The Disfavored enjoyed the luxury of putting others to work, but didn't allow themselves to grow soft - turning away from menial duties and focusing instead on a rigorous training regimen that left them alert and eager for combat.

Stalwart had ample opportunity to surrender for several years - the time for mercy was long gone. The clear skies darkened as you read the final words of the Edict.