The Versa Board is the first stand up paddleboard of its kind: a paddleboard with complete hybrid paddling capabilities. One of the biggest problems I had with mine is drainage.

Of course, you can alternate between SUPing and kayaking, but if you want to take a dunk in the water and climb back on, you can do that (mobile swimming platform). Cellular PVC Trimboard and PVC Moulding Products: VERSATEX offers cellular PVC trimboard as a great alternative to wood. The Versa is almost as fast as the Deuce except when it gets choppy, then the wide flat bow really slaps the water and slows it down. The pink (Gator Bait) is honestly one of the best colors for male or female. Privacy Policy | Return Policy | Warranty, Anthony Davis 9 year NFL Offensive Lineman -2nd Team All Big East VT, George Selvie 7 year NFL Defensive Lineman - 2 time All American USF- NFL Coaching Intern Dallas Cowboys, Adam Hill Professional Coach with 17 years experience. Would like to have had a strap or something to help stand and sit. Mostly in the river, creeks, alittle ocean, easy to loan out hard to damage. Usage Cons Double swivels. It was then when it hit me…I need something to put on that sled to ensure my guys have the advantage over everyone else….I need the VersaBoard. My wife and I recently bought the Versa Board and the Deuce Coupe. Lots of room for fishing gear/ coolers/ bags whatever you would need really. Awesome quick service. The VersaBoard. we have fit 2 adults or an adult with 2 children in it with ease. Cons Instructions would be nice, but this worked out just fine. The color is exactly like it looked on your website. Often times without careful consideration, a hybrid-designed vehicle that tries to be the best at everything ends up being an overly-costly burden that can only really do well in a few types of situations (some over-budget military vehicle projects of recent years come to mind). A total of five boats were sold to my family because of how awesome and versatile they are. Sport options range from a hardcore angler's favorite fishing vessel, to a play machine and diving platform for the whole human and canine family, to a tread mill for core training. This lightweight, long lasting (Waterproof) and extremely adaptable PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Product has a range of applications only limited to your imagination....... It’s an ideal choice when looking for an alterative product for Outdoor or Indoor Signage, Office or Shopfitouts, Exhibition Displays, Showcases, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Wardrobes, Partitions, Caravans, Boats, Public Transport, Building Profiles such as Flooring, Skirting and Architraves. I see it has a real option for paddling my dog and I. I like the options of being able to alternate between sitting and standing (and laying down for a nap!). Its a jack of all trades.Family loves it so much, i built brackets for it to hang on the side of the pontoon boat.i could go on and on... love the versatility of this. Compared to the inflatable, the Versa was much more stable - and much heavier. It paddles well enough. I'm so used to loading boats it doesn't bother me. I have coached on every level of football…from the NFL and Arena football, collegiately all the way down to assisting at the Pop Warner level. Gear storage is possible with the bungees, but you need dry bags. Read and submit reviews for the Versa Board LL. I searched many, MANY makes and models,and this was the only company that came with stellar recommendation for both uses. Long, wide, made of polyurethane,wheel on back, places to strap items,not heavy.

WARNING: Please click here to review the Proposition 65 Warning related to this item. Really like the idea of an inflatable that I could carry in the trunk for spur of the moment trips, but think I would probably use the Versa more often. Don’t let the Versa’s beauty fool you – beneath the bamboo grain print is a great all-around touring paddleboard constructed with bombshell technology in a compact and manageable package. This board is very stable, tracks great with the skeg down and is very maneuverable with it up. Everything I was looking for. Comes in 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm up to 18 mm thickness and 4' x 8' sizes. Shuttling around the kids in the shallows of the south shore beaches here in Mass, and 'expeditions' with them on the tidal rivers. Sold a smaller Kayak last week and just bought another LL Versa Board, CopperHead!!

I recently bought an Orange versa board and after buying myself one my wife wanted one. Tested this out in rivers, lakes and just yesterday the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a great substitute for wood since it’s easier to shape. For the money you cannot find a better board.

A stand-up-kayak? Can jump off boat to swim and easily get back on. Its keeled nose cuts smoothly through the chop while the flat sections under the tail and standing area help with a fluid and stable ride. The tag along wheel makes it so easy to move and nice not to drag the bottom along. 76-106 National Blvd Fishing, as an SUP on rivers. The versa board is very versatile, allowing you the choice of standing up or sitting down and is easily paddled in either position. I'll take it on moving water when it warms up, and try that with the skeg up. Was able to borrow a Versa board for an afternoon of fishing here in WI. Check out a few other sup recommendations below or explore all sups to find the perfect one for you! I prefer a craft that is strong and safe even around rocks waves and tho occasional orca wale :). Board quickly releases to provide instant feedback when the athlete looses his base. It has left me scratching my head on how the Versa Board with the first class seat could possibly cost the same as my new Kraken????? Featured Partners The ECP5 Versa Development Board features key components from many partners. It truly is a Versa Board! Just awesome. Now, 12 years later coaches will have the ability to train their guys with resistance…no brother in law deals between players…No going through the motions. You haven’t fished till you’ve fished from a Versa Board Angler fishing stand up paddle board. Usage Home; About; Store; Contact; News; About. Cons Ok, first the pros: I love the minimalistic design; the color and fit and finish are excellent; the sit down comfort with the swivel seat with upgraded first class seat covers is the best in the business; everyone loves it and asks what it is; it's extremely stable and easy to stand on; the transport wheel works great on cement/hard pack; the drop down, spring loaded skeg helps tracking immensely; the weight isn't bad for a kayak; grove track adds easily accessible no-drill accessory mounting locations and it's just a really beautiful kayak in the blue lagoon color! All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! It was also stable through some small powerboat wakes. Probably not the best on tight rivers or fast flowing rivers (class2 and under) still fun but the length of it makes some maneuvers hard. I could see doing that on the Versa. versability ability to add a seat Seating positions with or without the optional seats are comfortable for me, and the deluxe seat I have quick detaches so you can flip it back out of the way for stand-up paddling. I have had a great time with it on flat water, and even a brief Class 2 run. I had a tracking # the same day I ordered my boat. And for transport, having a truck with an 8 foot bed and the built in wheelie helps a lot. (Still, it is beyond compare for comfort, and I've owned or tried almost all of them, including the Hobie Vantage seats.). -Used for printing, advertising and construction materials. I was also very impressed by the shipping speed (ordered over the weekend, and it arrived a few days later), and also with the person on the phone who helped me figure out how to install the seat properly. Whatever we call it, this thing is just a load of fun offering a wide variety of water activities in one package.

This review was originally posted on and was re-posted with permission. So my final verdict? It's great for minimal kayaking/standup going downstream, the ability to sit or stand makes it very versatile and excellent for a full body workout and kids and dogs love the stability and open deck space/design (and adults and fishermen/women too!) The Versaboard will carry over your board drills to the sled…its genius. That is NOT the case here with the Versa Board, particularly on cost where I find the retail price to be a good value. Fishing, camping, just tooling around. It feels much heavier than it's claimed 55 lbs. We also have a deuce coupe. Great summer time fun craft. I used it in an area with a slight current (on the Shenandoah River, just above a dam), and I was able to make good headway upstream while SUPing. Beautiful design and craftsmanship. Its funny that a representative won't email me back, but an automated email asking for a review comes with no issues. There are a couple fun factors with this boat but they do not out weight the cons. I ended up ordering the Blue Lagoon and Lizard Lick because I was worried that those would be out of stock soon because of the holidays. It's well ,made, has a great balance of width and length for stability, and seems to be well suited all levels of expertise. Great board. By what I have picked up from marine engineers I have worked with in the past, I can tell a lot of love has gone into the design of this watercraft. Sit down and zoom to where you want to fish, the rudder really helps you keep you moving straight. Our PVC trim offerings come in trimboard, sheet, cornerboards, beaded profiles, soffit, fascia, frieze, column wraps, mouldings, and our innovative stealth trim system. EVA pad gives the rider superb control during every trick and maneuver. Attach the Versaboard to any blocking or tackling sled.