But the lamb is super rude and tells Wilbur that he just isn't interesting enough to be the lamb's playmate. [pg. Knowing that Fern won't visit on such a miserable day, Wilbur lies down, dejected, friendless and hungry. Frightened and alone, Wilbur takes the goose’s advice and through his tears, he bolts. But as the rain pelts against the barn roof and spatters against Mrs Zuckerman's kitchen windows, he realizes sadly that his plans have been ruined. d) he didn't want to play the games Wilbur wanted to . "Sorry, sonny, sorry," said the goose. White. 23 What did the tunnel reveal about Templeton? He starts wandering around but isn’t discovered until he ploughs up some earth. It smells comfortingly sweet with the odour of cows, grain and hay. Read the Study Guide for Charlotte’s Web…, Didacticism and Teaching in Animal Literature and Charlotte’s Web, Charlotte's Web: Our Connection with Food, The Not So Subtle Portrayal of Supernatural Elements in E.B. �?���J>}�����iY��6}�.L�9�e����WOo�s1��Ο�sy6�l�_��]������Y����|��e��Uڟ�wy�ӬMt��_�̬�,��`��9����&������ϗ�9f����������.^��^��������E�Ӄ�Y+��y� B��^��c�9����4K^;�%�'YB��,��OS��Y�4Z�,P����K� )�xn!�]���7����o��3�&��i6zI����ɝ����O~�Z� ‘I’m less than two months old and I’m tired of living’ says Wilbur. She was sitting on eggs and had to keep them warm. He had decided the day before that he would have breakfast, talk to Templeton the rat, have a nap, dig a hole, watch the flies on the boards and swallows in the air, have lunch, sleep again, scratch against the fence, wait for Fern and have supper. This anthropomorphic shift is sudden and very structurally effective – we suddenly find ourselves in a kind of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world. When it started raining Wilbur said that Fern wouldn't be able to come and see him because it was raining and it was wet outside. For a sociable little piggy like Wilbur, all this negativity can really make him feel lonely. "Charlotte’s Web Section Two Summary and Analysis". She needed to stay outside the fence to keep the troublesome swallows away. How many eggs did the goose have that hatched? The lamb, his next attempt, rejects him, saying that he cannot jump the fence to get into Wilbur’s pen, and even if he could, he’s not interested in socializing with pigs. 24 Why did Wilbur cry so badly when he saw Templeton by the trough? Templeton is a rat in all senses of the word, but he, along with Charlotte, will play a vital role in Wilbur’s survival. e�oy�g~������w�\�� ؆��b���DH�� 0��ǗB���K����ͱev������$u���]�c��`!�@ځ���dt�i�$֢���x�?�M�c�&;�*���{��O�t��=��wjijY�����}{:����@�� �5�7���-޵�@�ڥt�i �[�}(�3mq넀n4G��)�9b��|�O�ߝ0'�-�Q�(,�X�앶�ZI�a��\�&�K�h�b? 30 seconds . 21 Why didn’t Templeton know much about fun and play? resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Second in line: the lamb. To cheer himself up, Wilbur sets out to find a friend who will play with him. )��c�aEn\��X$�"Hi�3J�)����yX ( Log Out /  Rain C. Snow D. Templeton ANS: B. To cheer himself up, Wilbur sets out to find a friend who will play with him. Because she is sick C. Because she is sitting on her eggs D. Because she doesn't like him ANS: C. The day before Wilbur meets his new friend, what spoils his plans? What does Lurvy do on the day Wilbur is so sad and he sees that he isn't eating his food? The goose and the sheep and Templeton the rat bailed out on Wilbur. When darkness comes, a voice nearby says 'I'll be a friend to you. One day, at two months old, Wilbur wanders into the small yard and thinks about how boring life is. It is ironic that in this new barn which offers so much in contrast with the ‘small yard’ where he lived ‘under an apple tree’ at the Arable’s, Wilbur is so unhappy. She needed to stay outside the fence to keep the troublesome swallows away. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Templeton is nowhere to be seen and Wilbur suddenly feels lonely and friendless and starts to cry. Even though Fern loves Wilbur much more than Mr Zuckerman ever could, he makes the decisions because he paid for him. Why wouldn't the lamb play with Wilbur? %PDF-1.7 [pg. Despite his beautiful new home, Wilbur is bored when Fern isn’t around. In desperation, Wilbur asks Templeton, the rat who lives under his trough, to play with him, but Templeton is far more interested in eating Wilbur’s uneaten breakfast. Chainani, Soman ed. First up: the goose. White's Faith in Nature: The Critique of Christianity in 'Charlotte's Web', View Wikipedia Entries for Charlotte’s Web…. Because she doesn't want to get wet in the rain B. �P)�g�_�سC Her mom wouldn't let her. When he leaves the barn he panics and doesn’t know where to go. b) Wilbur was asking the same questions over and over to the same people. Well, that's just not nice. How does the lamb hurt Wilbur's feelings when Wilbur asks to play with him? a) They didn't like Wilbur speaking to them. White, 100 quiz questions, a list of major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Templeton had a habit of picking up unusual objects around the farm and storing them in his horne. Wilbur lives beneath the cows and Fern comes to visit him almost every day. SURVEY . What is Mr Zuckerman's first name? Wilbur thought he would have good day till it started raining outside. To play games using the questions from above, visit ReviewGameZone.com and enter game ID number: 16659 in the upper right hand corner or, Play Games with the Questions above at ReviewGameZone.com. The narrative teases our senses, forcing us to imagine the smells described and introduces us to Wilbur's new space, with a ‘big door…open to the breeze’ and a ‘barn cellar on the south side’ for the pigs. Why wouldn’t the goose play with Wilbur? sulfur and molasses tylenol codliver oil He had disturbed their rest too early in the morning. Perhaps your web is a good thing after all.” Related Characters: Wilbur (speaker), Charlotte (speaker) Related Symbols: Charlotte’s Web. Money is here presented as much more significant than love and Mr Zuckerman is able to impose restrictions that ultimately cast a shadow over her relationship with Wilbur. He wouldn't sleep. Wilbur was really sad after Templeton the rat said he didn't have time to play. %�쏢 This is dramatically very effective as the voice is dislocated from its owner and we have no idea who is speaking. spider goose dog She couldn't see Wilbur good. Leave a comment, 1. loneliness — the state of feeling unhappy because you have no friends or people to talk with, 2. morsel — a small amount or a piece of something, especially food. Why wouldn’t the goose play with Wilbur? Why won't the goose play with Wilbur when he is so lonely? He wouldn't share his food with them. Fern visits Wilbur but she is forbidden by Mr Zuckerman to enter his pen or to take him out of it. The two most important aspects of this chapter are the introductions of two very important characters: Templeton and Charlotte. It is significant that at the end of the day a voice calling out from the darkness brings hope for the new day. Now that school was over, Fern visited the barn almost every day, to sit quietly on her stool. The Charlotte's Web study guide contains a biography of E.B.