ALL ABOUT CAPRICORNS. Mid-year sees the planet of drive, Mars, in your career zone, so you should be feeling driven towards work and financial success then. You should find you are more popular than you have been in years, too, so make the most of it. Indulge your dark side in Gothic velvets and lace. You light up any room you walk into, and you know it. This year could be one you remember as a turning point where relationships are concerned.

But do be nice as well as logical. Eclipses in your sign and opposite sign mean 2020 is still a year when you need to focus on personal growth and self-transformation. Try this, for the good of your soul. The easiest way to connect with the cosmos is to start by connecting to the Moon. Capricorns sway towards all things structured and, of course, tailored. You also need to know that 2020 brings an eclipse in your sign and your love zone. During these months eclipses in your sign and opposite sign open up life-changing portals. ALL ABOUT SAGITTARIANS. That’s toxic. Join the (free!) In some ways, you’re like a star person, seeded from another galaxy, here to teach us how to save the planet. March to July gives you breathing space, so take some time off if you can. You love to be adored and love a partner who allows you to shine. April. You might attach new value to your contribution, to something, to yourself in general, or to another person and this gives you such a self-confidence shot in the arm. Try this, for the good of your soul. Make “transformation” your word of the year. If you have overspent recently, use the 2020 energy to rein in things, and disciplined Saturn will help you. She is free, available to everyone all over the world and can help you make magic. The danger now is that you’re evolving as a person and leaving your partner behind. You make a great partner because you’re so keen to be of service, but you have been known to nitpick a romance to death. Make wishes at new moon, and let go of all upsets at full moon.

Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in store for you in our annual horoscope guide. Luckily you’re an amazing flirt and attract admirers wherever you go, naturally. If you’re single, someone very different could be the One.

Someone or something could really “wake you up” this year. You are the sign with the biggest astrological drama in 2020. Avoid people who seem to want to see how far they can push you. Try this, for the good of your soul.

Try this, for the good of your soul. You take the party with you wherever you go, and we love you for this. Join the (free!) The force is strong in Pisces. If you’re attached, it’s all good as long as you’re with someone trustworthy. If you want to make massive life changes, then early June is the ideal time. TRY THIS, FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR SOUL. Your challenge now is to leave behind the old you and allow a new you to be reborn. Single? As 2020 dawns, think about what scares you, see where the fear comes from and deal with it as best you can.

You charge through life at full speed – go for it, but remember that not everyone can keep up with you. Geminis change all the time, so your style is ever-shifting and eclectic. On March 8 anything could happen and it could be exciting.

Thankfully the worst of that cycle is over and while you’re probably still a little bit too diligent for your own good, overall 2020 should bring more fun. Make sure you aren’t too modest for your own good, though. By year’s end, life is easier than it has been in two years.

You’re happy when you’re with a best friend or a lover, and happiest when your lover is your best friend. Tip: release the past! You’re a fun-loving, risk-taking, adventurer who knows that life is meant to be enjoyed with gusto and a good laugh. If you can work online or as a solopreneur, do so. An emotional blockage of some kind will shift from today as Saturn starts facing the right way round and this means that you could be facing up to something that you have been avoiding. ALL ABOUT TAUREANS. You want to taste life.

Your toughest time is when you don’t have anyone special in your life. You’re now under the influence of the planet of mayhem and madness, Uranus. Try this, for the good of your soul Go to a party and work the room. You’re suave and debonair, stylish and sometimes just a tad, dare we say, looks-obsessed or sometimes even vain. Your 2020 affirmation: When you’re stressed, remind yourself, “Pressure turns carbon into diamonds.”, THE best time of year for you to change your life. With the planet of radical change, Uranus, in your sign, change is inevitable for you now. Dropping any control-freak tendencies will really help you.

Poetic prints and floaty silhouettes are a style match for Pisceans. Relationship changes are a major 2020 theme for you. Just don’t insist that we also “go there” every time.

You’re not afraid of your dark side. In relationships, the roller-coaster ride is over and the healing has begun. Answers come.

You also need to know that Saturn moving into your sign in March is an amazing opportunity.